Master the Aerial Stunts and Win Big in Nitro Circus Slot

Finally an opportunity for all of us MTV Jackass show rejects to put our tremendously idiotic “skills” to tthe est and fly off on a motorized armchair in the chase for fame, glory and a whole bunch of cash! In the Nitro Circus slot you will get a chance to ride all sorts of vehicles Steve-O style and this is such a dream for us that we are willing to name our next pet Nitro.

We know people are willing to do pretty much whatever to become famous and if it’s somehow related to sports, it’s a guarantee that any couch athlete will line up. Our issue with Nitro Circus is that they only have super stars like X-Games legend Travis Pastrana because if we want to see the blast from the past armchairs flying through the air with rocket fuel, it should be a fat dude in sloppy shorts and a white tank top with food stains doing it, while holding a beer. That would be way more authentic!

Star Covered Reels

On the 5 reels of this high octane slot, Pastrana is joined by Ryan Williams and Kurtis Downs and a couple of helmets. In a slot like this, there is no way it wouldn’t be covered in special symbols. This time around you will see Nitro Bombs and a wild sign in full flames. On top of this there are the other ones such as a rocking horse, bathtub, mini car, armchair and the N, I, T, R, O letters. As you can see there is a lot going on in this slot but we are all in and the exhaust fumes are making us a bit dizzy to be honest.


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Nitro Jump Feature

If you feel you’re up to date regarding the symbols it’s time to get ready for the real action and prep your tricks for the aerial battle for the moolah. The Nitro Jump is super exciting and we wish more games had this kind of bonus feature. When you manage to slap all the letters spelling NITRO onto the reels, you pass the test and it’s time to put your money where your mouth is.

Don’t worry about warming up as you will get 3 jumps to oil up your wheels and tighten the screws. Pick a vehicle you feel can get you the biggest payout as they have different pros and cons. The more fun ones like the armchair, bathtub and the mini car are only available once you’ve collected 5 or the specific symbols in the base game.

If you enjoy going all in and really push the boundaries then you may want to consider turning it up and go full nitro!


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All in for the Win

The action in this game is over the top and we love it! The many features are not only fun but they also bring in money in terms of nitro boosted wins and there is no reason you should miss this show. This is your chance to get your behind off the couch and into the limelight!