Hunt Down the Jackpot in Retro Style

Old classic cars is not necessary a hobby of ours, but they definitely has an undeniable charm. Imagine cruising down by the riviera with the top down, a warm breeze in your hair and no worry in the world. No that is a dream! This vision might be inspired by Retro Style slot and all the fantastic automobiles that are on display. We know you are supposed to say you are dreaming of driving with your lovely woman next to you but how fun wouldn’t it be if a few of your best friends filled a couple of cars and just cruise along while laughing and giving each other shit, just like regular guys. In a perfect world we would be able to do both and who knows, when busting the progressive jackpot that awaits in today’s game, then the entire scenario might just become reality. Fingers crossed!

Extravagant Wins and Parties

Let’s jump into the time machine and head back to the 1920’s when the world was filled with beloved as well as hated gangsters and extravagant parties. The crew over at EGT have done their research and put some of the world’s coolest cars in all different colours (the blue is definitely our favorite) and models across the 5 reels and 20 paylines. The wild is a Don Draper looking fellow straight out of Mad Men while a simple retro tire rolls along as the scatter.


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Retro Free Spins

This retro game doesn’t come with its pockets full of features. It does however come bearing gifts in terms of free spins. We love free spins and so do most players which is why landing 3 or more of the tire scatter is a real hoot as will deliver 15, 20 or 25 free spins, straight to your door. These gifts also come with a x3 multiplier to make them extra sweet. On top of that, repeat the scatter feat while spinning and you can refill your bucket with up to 25 fresh ones. As you might guess, this will set you up to make a real buck!


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Living on the Edge

If you are a risk taker, you know it can sometimes pay off. With the gambling option available when you win, you can double your win every time. That seems like a pretty nice deal. In this game, it’s all about red or black, so trust your gut and make a buck!

Jackpot Baby – (€5,578.73 at the time of publishing)

Now this is the major reason why we even considered heading back to the 20’s, the progressive jackpot. Just knowing that every single spin will give you a chance to score one of the four progressive jackpots available is enough to add that little extra hype for every time you press spin.

Car Museum

You may not be able to purchase one of these cool ass cars even with the jackpot, but at least rent one for the day just to get the experience and attention you deserve. Retro Style is a minor museum for car lovers and spending time in the 1920’s feels really good. Even better, the payouts are really good even with today’s standard so you should have a blast spinning these reels.