Celebrate Chinese New Year with Mega Wins in Money Mouse Slot!

Chinese New Year might have been cancelled or put on hold in many places around the world this year, but we’re still celebrating here at BitStarz. This year is all about the year of the rat, but we know some of you might be terrified of rats. So, we’ve got a rather cute, cuddly and wealthy cousin of the rat to come along to the party. Get ready to meet Money Mouse slot!

Money Mouse is all about partying hard and winning big. The cute little mouse is on your side and is super friendly, so there is no need to be afraid of it. Simply reach out, make friends and you’ll be swimming in cash faster than you can say “field mouse”!

Cash, Cash and More Cash

For a pretty small creature, this Money Mouse sure has a ton of cash in its pockets. Squeaking and scurrying around the reels, this funky little mouse is all about sharing the money. In fact, this super friendly little mouse is ready to dish out a crazy max win to the tune of €125,000 from a single spin. Yes, you read that right, this little mouse is seriously dishing out the big bucks to celebrate Chinese New Year. You might be a few weeks late to the party, but this mouse doesn’t care at all – you will struggle to find better value for money amongst other medium volatility games!

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Gathering Lanterns and Bagging Jackpots

It’s never a great idea to play with fire, even less so if you’re the size of this mouse. One of our favorite features from Money Mouse is the Fortune Lantern bonus feature, which you can trigger by landing six or more lanterns on the reels in a spin. Now, you can either do this on your own, or the little mouse can give you a helping hand. If when you spin the reels the mouse comes out to play, you know your odds of playing this bonus game are good. The rules are simple, you’ve got three spins to cover as many of the spaces on the reels with lanterns. Each lantern has a cash value of it, and when your spins are up the value from all lanterns is totted up and awarded to you. Best of all, when you land a new lantern on the reel, your spin count gets reset to three!

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Did Someone Say Double Happiness Spins?

What on earth could be better than the base game of Money Mouse? Well, there’s only one thing for it – Double Happiness spins. To trigger these big winning spins, all you have to do is land three scatter symbols on the reels. Just like the Fortune Lanterns bonus mode, you can either trigger it on your own or with the help of the Money Mouse. Once you trigger the mode, you’ve got five spins to win as much as you can possibly carry. To make life easier for you, reels two, three and four merge, creating one gargantuan reel. This new mega middle reel makes winning crazy sums of cash easier than ever before, so get ready for some truly big wins – now you can see why it’s called Double Happiness spins!

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Money Mouse has some of the best graphics and animations we’ve seen so far for this Chinese New Year. So, if collecting big wins with the help of a little mouse sounds like your kind of game, then you best start playing Money Mouse. Don’t forget, when you’re spinning the reels and gathering up some truly legendary wins with this little mouse, you will also collect points towards the Space Level Up Adventure. The first player to reach level 40 will win a zero-gravity experience, with €50,000 in individual prize pools up for grabs for every player!