Reap the Benefits of the Seasonal Changes in Season Sisters Slot

Your sisters from other misters are ready to party and take you on a seasonal journey covering all a year has to offer. It doesn’t matter whether you prefer summer, fall, winter or spring, this game has it all and it is beautiful. Queen sisters Hilda, Aileen, Shamsia and Zlata are bringing the entertainment to another level by putting it all on the table in the Season Sisters slot.

Seasons normally come with their own unique twist and so does this slot. How do you feel about 4 different types of free spins? What about 4 special bonus symbols, 1 for each queen? This is on top of all the other fun you can expect so get ready to meet the queens and watch them bring out the best of each of our sacred seasons as you hunt down the €8,970 max win.

This slot has a medium variance, meaning you will be able to pick up plenty of wins, so let’s start spinning and watch it all unfold.

Temperatures May Change but the Slot Remains Hot

Regardless of the temperature, the one thing all seasons have in common are 5 reels and 20 paylines. The symbols are cute although it does make us a little bit uncomfortable with the fact that the little birdie, butterfly, hedgehog and snowman are trapped inside a bubble. Luckily it’s just a game. All the seasons are represented by the wild symbol, which is a nice detail.

As an overall vibe, the design team has done a great job capturing each season. Nice one, Evoplay!


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Seasonal Changes Bring Free Spins

Triggering a change in seasons can only happen if you land one of the queens, and they will always cover the entire 3rd reel. Every new season starts with free spins and depending on which season it is, it will have a different setup.

  • Winter – 3 Free spins and each free spin wild frost bonus will be activated on 1 or 2 random reels.
  • Spring – 3 Free spins and 2 wild symbols will appear and shift 1 step up with each spin.
  • Summer – 4 Free spins and a new wild symbol will appear on each one of them.
  • Fall – 3 Free spins and a wild will show on random places and create a mirror copy with an x2.

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One Queen Will Rule Each Season

The stunning girls each represent their own season, so let’s do a quick who’s who in the world of change:

  • Hilda – Queen of Winter
  • Aileen – Queen of Spring
  • Shamsia – Queen of Summer
  • Zlata – Queen of Fall

All of them will add their own twist to the reels and will bring you a variety of wilds, multipliers and other random symbols. We say embrace the change and reap the benefits!

Some Things Will Remain the Same

As time passes, colors and the temperature will change but Slot Wars will remain the same regardless of what’s going on outside. You will always be able to pick up a few extra bucks by making sure you place in the top 40 by the end of the week. Get yourself a juicy slice of the €5,000 pie being given out every single week.