See How the Other Half Live in Wolf of Wild Street Slot

There is a dark and light side to the world of finance tycoons. On the dark side, you have guys like Belfort and Madoff. And on the light side, you have Cuban and Buffett. Which side should you support? Madoff died broke, and Belfort is giving seminars to finance bros. While on the light side, Cuban and Buffett are worth a combined $124 billion.

Chase the light side of wealth with Wolf of Wild Street slot from Gamebeat.

Is Margot Robbie in this one?

During base game action and during free spins, expanding wild symbols can appear on the reels. These symbols will substitute for all other symbols, except bonus symbols, to complete winning combinations. The Wolf of Wild Street slot’s expanding wild symbols do, however, have another bonus feature.


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Once an expanding wild has expanded, it will collect all money symbols on the reels. Money symbols each have an instant win amount attached to them that is automatically awarded once it is collected by an expanding wild symbol.

A round of the slot’s free spins feature is triggered with the appearance of three or more bonus symbols. You can also select to take an easier path and instead purchase a round of the slot’s free spins feature.

During a round of free spins, expanding wilds will become sticky, shifting one position left with each spin. Once the wild gets to the first reel, it will disappear. If two expanding wilds appear on the reels at the same time, with the second appearing to the right of the current wild symbol, additional free spins will also be awarded.


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The final noteworthy feature of the Wold of Wild Street slot is the gamble feature. Following the collection of any winning amount, you will be given the option to gamble with the feature represented by a flash dice symbol. Once clicked, you will be required to select one of four quadrants of a bonus wheel that you would like to bet on. A little rodent creature will then be thrown onto the board, and if it lands on the quadrant you selected, the displayed multiplier will be applied to your winning amount.

Should you sell or buy Wolf of Wild Street slot?

Wolf of Wild Street slot has medium volatility, which means that the slot’s gameplay will offer a nice balance between small, consistent wins and the rare big wins. The slot’s 5,000x max multiplier means that if you bet at the $50 a spin maximum, you can play for up to $250,000 in winnings. The slot has an RTP of 96.07%.

As a pretty obvious parody of the 2013 Wolf of Wall Street movie, I expected references to the movie. However, I knew that the references would likely have to be subtle to avoid copyright issues. So, here’s what I found. There’s a goldfish on the table that I assume is a reference to the one that Donnie Azoff eats. Then there are the pills, which are supposed to be Quaaludes, and the pen symbol, which I’m assuming is referencing the pen that Belfort asks his cohort to try and sell to him. Then there’s Belfort’s white Lamborghini Countach, the one he crashes while high on Quaaludes, which pops up during a round of free spins. Finally, in the gamble feature, there is the jackpot wheel that the traders threw little people at in the movie. There was a part of me that wanted more, but I understand why they couldn’t go much further than they did.

Besides that very small complaint, Wolf of Wild Street slot is a solid game with great graphics and animations that are mixed with engaging bonus features. I give this one a seven out of ten.

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