You Can Have Rex on the Beach in Jurassic Party Slot!

Dinosaurs might have been savage, but they’ve brought the event of the modern millennia to the reels for us to ravage! Just like us, they loved to party, flirt, and get totally wasted… 65-million years ago; you’d usually find Captain Rex at the decks waving his lil’ arms from side to side or on DinoDate swiping left and right. 

The sun is shining, the bar is bustling, and there’s up to €250,000 to find in carnivorous cocktails and fossil features – it’s good vibes only! Join the dinos from the past, and have a blast in the new and roarsome Jurassic Party slot.

It’s a party in the prehistoric palms

The wild, wild, Jurassic Party slot came in hot from the award-winning Relax Gaming – and so did this; “A Dinosaur’s Favorite Cocktail Is Rex on the Beach.” LOL, classic! 

I love dinosaur-themed slots, and surprisingly, there aren’t all that many of them around… So every time I see a new one get released, my roar-mones race at the chance for new earnings and experiences. IMO, they’re always fresh, unlike fruit slots – excuse the irony. 

Put your claws in the air because Jurassic Party slot is dino-mite. You’ll be getting down low with the cretaceous crew on a 7×7 grid and blowing up the reels for bonuses, rum, and riches! The babies are cool, and they’ve even come along too. You-Can-Have-Rex-on-the-Beach-in-Jurassic-Party-Slot_special-images-01

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It’s anything but a tyrannosaurus wreck

The Jurassic era might be old AF, but this slot shows off popular modern features that today’s online casino creatures have come to enjoy the most. It has a 96.47% to 96.73% RTP and high volatility

Making this game great are Cluster Wins, Combo Feature Free Spins, Combo Feature Re-Spins, the Mega Bet and Buy Bonus options, and the opportunity to win very, very, very, vintage fortunes! You-Can-Have-Rex-on-the-Beach-in-Jurassic-Party-Slot_special-images-02

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It’s rammed with feature-filled free spins 

The giant perk of the free spins round in Jurassic Party slot is that it is packed with combo features that will A) work together to get you as much bang as possible for your bonus game buck and B) will get you drunk, thanks to the Feature Picks drinks! 

Speaking of drinks, all you need to do is land 3 Scatters on the screen to activate the epic Combo Feature Free Spins. But first, you must make some decisions about what you’re downing…You-Can-Have-Rex-on-the-Beach-in-Jurassic-Party-Slot_special-images-03

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Choosing the right Feature Picks or unique modifiers could be what stood between dinosaurs and a very long and prosperous future – so select wisely because all these boozy and boney cocktails look bomb! 

You’ll be awarded 7 free spins and 2 feature picks where you’ll select a ‘drink’ from the bar. This drink will either reveal Symbol Expansions, Symbol Turns Wild, Random Wilds, Extra Free Spins, Symbols Upgrades, or Extra Picks. If you’re lucky, you can get several feature picks in your pocket to play for big prizes with. 

As for the Combo Feature Re-Spins, these are activated when 2 Scatters remain on the reels at the end of a spin. You-Can-Have-Rex-on-the-Beach-in-Jurassic-Party-Slot_special-images-04

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Jurassic times call for Jurassic measures

So, when the world ends, all that’s left to do is… Party! Get ready for a blast from the past in the new prehistoric hit title, Jurassic Party slot.

This game is a giant world of fun, and if you want to up the ante, you can activate the Mega Bet Feature and boost the chances of landing yourself more picks in the bonus rounds. 

Unlike the fury of Raging Rex slot and Dino Odyssey slot, Jurassic Party is a paradise pleasure complete with coconuts, beach balls, and sun-bathing eggs. What a vibe – be like a triceratops and give it a good ram!