Explore the Galaxy for Big Wins in These Intergalactic Slots!

Global warming and saving the planet has been an important issue for many years. Let’s just play with the idea that we can no longer stay on earth and need to look at other potential destinations for our future selves. Yes, we know the options for us as humans are extremely limited but just for fun, let’s have a look at some of our options.

The space shuttle is fueled up and ready to go so grab your seat, strap in tight and 3.. 2.. 1… we have a lift-off!

Planet Fortune – Play’n Go

Our first stop would be the one and only Planet Fortune slot. This is a good example of how the future in space has always been depicted, flying cars and laser weapons. Thankfully there are no aliens in sight besides a robot. This must mean that it could be a place for the human race to blossom, as long as there is water.

With a name like Planet Fortune, you know it’s a marketing trick to get people to move there, but with features like Magnetic Mayhem there might just be a fortune waiting for you. We’re not willing to take any chances, so our bags are already packed. Are you coming?


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Planet of the Apes – NetEnt

This could very well be the scariest of the planets we are visiting today. We would be pretty darn inferior to these power monkeys and it wouldn’t be a good look, especially on their home turf. Sure, some of you may think it sounds like a fun idea but we have some serious doubts, so let’s leave it at that. The Planet of the Apes slot shows its strength by doubling up on the standard 5 reels and instead boasts 10 of them across the widescreen. The features in this movie based game are as many and as tasty as the popcorn you would enjoy in the theatre. Start snacking away but be careful out there!


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Fiery Planet – Platipus

Welcome to this very futuristic and intergalactic experience. If men are from Mars and women from Venus, then who or what are from Fiery Planet slot? After spinning the reels of this planet, we must say that it seems as if we have found the home of respins and free spins.

With every win, you can watch the respins take over and score you a bunch of alien dough. On top of this, with the right scatter combo you can pocket up to 75 free spins which of course have the respins feature as well to help you cash in some really solid wins, time and time again.


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Emoji Planet – NetEnt

If you are one of those people that has to decorate every message with a bunch of emojis, then not only are you infuriating your friends and family but you would probably love visiting their home, however unlikely that may sound. Let us introduce you to the Emoji Planet slot where the emojis are the minimum charge and who knows, maybe they use pics of humans in their communication. Pizza, rockets and poop have all come to play and if you land the right combo you can cash in on up to 500x your bet!


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Mystery Planet – EvoPlay

There’s no way scientists would agree on naming something the Mystery Planet unless it was just that, a mystery. Maybe the only way to get there was by hanging out in the Bermuda Triangle long enough. Regardless of how you would get there, as long as you could come back we would for sure be curious to see what the mystery was all about.

Rub your palms together until they start to heat up and transport yourself to the Mystery Planet slot, where free spins and multipliers will soon have you back on earth with pockets full of cash!


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It’s Going to be a Big Adventure!

Well, that was an interesting journey. Sure, there seems to be a wide variety of planets to flee to if needed, but for now it’s probably best to take care of the one we already have. We do love the excitement these slots bring and the piles of money these reels can make you. Luckily you can enjoy that from right here on your couch, let’s stick to that.

Thank you for flying with us today and we are looking forward to seeing you all soon again!