Strike Oil and Get Rich in This Black Gold Slot

Yeehaa! Finally we get the chance to head out to Texas… the Lone Star State. This wild country where everything is bigger and better. This remarkable state, filled with cowboys and oil has a certain charm most places lack. There’s an attitude that comes with being from Texas and whether you’re a businessman or a football player, they demand another level of respect. Respect is exactly what we’ll give them in this Black Gold slot from BetSoft.

Meet Cowboy Bill

Black Gold is played out in oil country where the drilling towers are creating the backdrop. This game is built up by 5 reels and 30 paylines and just so you won’t feel alone, you will be accompanied by the cowboy Bill on his stunning brown horse. The great animation makes you want to see what happens next and perhaps even watch a movie about the cowboys life. No trespassing signs, oil drills and barrels, good old cowboy Bill as well as his horse make appearances on the reels.


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Howdy Free Spins

Texas is the land of the free spins. Well, not really, but you know what we mean. If you hammer down 3 or more wild symbols (the wild is a barn) you will activate the “Night Time Free Spins.” The multipliers are the boss during this feature and will boost each and every win.


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Drill for Oil and Strike Rich

Landing 3 or more drill symbols can really pay off in this game. As we are in J.R. Ewing country, you get to choose one oil drill to see if you make some extra cash!


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Texas Style Max Win

This black gold they call oil is worth a lot of money and Texas has tons of both. With a max coin win of 125,000 there is no reason why you can’t have a bunch of money as well. Get a few wins in and you will have your pockets full of some really sweet buckaroos!


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Texas Forever

Well, we must admit that hanging out with Cowboy Bill showed us what Texas is all about. Tons of fun, tons of oil and tons of money! The graphics by BetSoft are always fantastic and will happily recommend this slot to anyone who would be interested in living like an oil baron for a day. We may not be J.R. but we sure felt like it today. Happy drilling, partner!