Take Olympus slot delivers god-like slots action and huge wins!

We’re not going to ramble on about related topics and history lessons with this one, here’s just too much in this game to mess around. It’s safe to say that we’re very excited to bring all that Take Olympus slot has to offer to your attention.

But before we do, let’s take a step back in time to when the ancient Greek gods were thought to have walked the earth among us. How their mighty mythical presence shaped the world as we know it and… just kidding. Let’s dive straight into this epic slot from Betsoft Games and see what the fuss is all about!

A family gathering like you’ve never seen before

This slot is unique in so many different ways. It is played with what Betsoft calls “The Cycle Of The Gods”. Every ten spins a new cycle begins, and during each cycle, one of these Greek gods reign over the reels. Every cycle has a different god, and their unique abilities are used at the end of their ten spin cycles.


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During each of their cycles, symbols related to their characters that appear on the reels add to their unique abilities at the end of the ten spins. This is called “The God Event”. What’s more is that whenever a new god takes control of the game, the background imagery changes to each of their respective domains. So let’s have a look at each god individually, as all of them have their own, unique effect on the game.

No sorrow with Apollo

When Apollo takes the reins, each symbol related to him appearing on the reels mark the position where they occurred. This position stays marked on the reel until the end of his cycle. Once the ten spins are complete, all these cells that were marked with his symbols burn away and become Wild symbols. Meaning that spin number ten with the Apollo Wilds usually turns out to be extremely successful. Much like the man himself. You know… being the sun god and all that.

The Mighty Aphrodite!

When Aphrodite takes the stage, her symbols, being a gorgeous selfie of yours truly and a leaf symbol, also mark the reels where they occur. Very similar to her half-brother Apollo. But at the end of her ten spin cycle, these positions on the reels become magical mystery boxes with surprise symbols inside them. Kind of like the mystery items contained in a woman’s handbag, but only symbols…

There’s no Hidin’ from Poseidon!

When uncle Poseidon rules the reels, the trident symbol and the action shot image of him are what to look for. Every time one of these symbols appear, they add to a counter on the right side of the screen. Starting at 1, this counter increases every time his symbols appear. At the end of his ten spin cycle, the number displayed on the counter will be the amount of free respins that he awards you for holding your breath underwater while playing in his domain!

It’s all sunshine and daisies with Hades

As Hades finds time to leave the underworld and make an appearance, prepare yourself for some HOT gaming action, as his domain is on fire… literally. When his symbols appear they add to a multiplier which he uses at the end to multiply your winnings for the tenth spin! So we come to find that Hades is not really the “Badass” he’s made out to be, but quite the sweetheart. His gift will bring you good fortune, so don’t be down when Hades comes to town.

No excuse for losing with Zeus!

The man himself can be seen wielding his mighty thunderbolt and posing for the cover page of Greek Vogue. Zeus takes the powers of the other gods, of course. He’s the main man in this epic slot. He is the Wild symbol and the giver of free spins. If he appears in a four-symbol tall image, he awards 10 free spins! But only if the other gods are present on the reels because we know how much he likes to show off in front of others.


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The Take Olympus slot has medium volatility and a super 95.49%RTP. This slot is so intriguing, visually stimulating and downright fun! The graphics are out of this world, making you feel as though you are visiting Olympus, the mythical home of the gods. Make sure to come and meet the family, it’s bound to be an EPIC gathering!