Test Your Luck in the New First Person Deal or No Deal

The one thing that always got me about the hit show Deal or No Deal was the “Hello ladies, hello Howie” slap in the face. Like, look at me, guys, I have dozens of gorgeous models working with me, and you don’t.

The other thing was how he NEVER hugged anyone – he was a simple fist-pump guy. I am glad he went to AGT. There’s only so many seasons of watching people make bad decisions a man can take.

Still, I don’t feel too sorry for Howie Mandel… He made bank as the host. With that said, the First Person Deal Or No Deal game show is here – and it’s time to pick your lucky case!

No models, no Mandel, but major money to play for

Unfortunately, the models have moved on, and it’s just you, your host, and the baker in the First Person version of Evolution’s epic Deal or No Deal Live.

But for a maximum win of €45,000, I’m sure you’ll manage without the stardom and the sometimes terrible 30-minutes of fame.

Deal or No Deal is nothing new to BitStarz Live Casino, but the First Person addition is. Here’s the difference between the two…

First Person live casino play came as a world-first by yours truly – Evolution. And they’re considered the “superior versions” of the classic games they release. Evolution’s First Person range mixes the best of Live Casino gaming with RNG, finishing it with exceptional 3D rendering and immersive user experiences.


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Just like Tom, Dick, and Harry, you’ll need to qualify to play

To get in the big-money briefcase action, you must spin the Qualifying Wheel (which costs cash to do). I must say, this was a challenge for me. My chakras were obviously not aligned, so aligning the gold segment sequence took a while.

But once I was in, it was all guns blazing from there! Each successful spin of the Qualifying Wheel set the amount of money the briefcases would have in them by 75x to 500x my bet.

If you’ve been missing your morning meditations, then you can set the level of difficulty for qualification – and these come at different costs and with variable volatility levels. But you know, we gotta do what we gotta do to secure our spot in this world-famous game show.


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Tick tock – hurry for the Top Up

Once you’ve completed the task of qualifying for the game, you’ll need to wait for the previous game to end… And this waiting period presents a Top Up opportunity! Here, while the countdown timer ticks away, you can top up the briefcases if you wish. But remember, the higher the values, the higher the chances of winning big.


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You’ve entered the banker’s lair

Congratulations, you’re in… Shiny briefcases, happy hosts and all! Unlike the TV show, the control is not yours. Unfortunately. Briefcases are opened in batches, with the one in the front being the most significant.

Each time briefcases are opened, you’ll be offered an amount of money to take with you. And this is where the burning question comes into play. Deal, or no deal? There will be a total of 4 offers in the game round. So choose wisely! We’ve seen things go south, and so has Howie, obvs.

If you make it to a 2 briefcase round, then you’ll be given the option to switch the briefcases. And the final briefcase will be what you’ll be winning – provided you haven’t taken a deal already.


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Let the game show begin!

Now that you know how to play, I’m sure there are parts of this remake that didn’t have you climaxing. LOL.

It’s obviously not the real thing, but it’s the best it gets for Live Casinos and you’ll just have to keep your number-picking strategies to yourself since you aren’t the one choosing the order in which the cases are opened. So forget your wife’s birthday, or your lucky number – they’ll make no difference in this 95.42% RTP game.

One thing I can say is that I really enjoy First Person Deal or No Deal, because it’s not like I’ll ever get on the show any other way (and it’s ended anyway).

Go on, and make a move… Beating the banker is totally your groove. I can tell!