Be the Big Hero and Take Out the Walking Dead in Wild Walker Slot

Just as we thought the hype around zombies and the walking dead had fizzled out, Pragmatic Play brings them back to life, much like relighting birthday candles. We are very happy they did as the Wild Walker slot is a thrilling slot.

This game is not for the faint of heart but knowing there is a €398,400 max win hiding in there, should give you the motivation needed to start taking out one zombie after another as they roam free across the reels. The progressive free spins bring an exciting element with dynamic reels so there is no lack of action.

Will you be able to navigate through the zombie apocalypse and take care of the living dead? Prove it!

Alert All Zombie Fans

If you are a fan of the zombie genre, this is where you want to be. Against a battlefield backdrop, the 5 reels and 25 paylines is where the action takes place and you will be smack in the middle of it. You will get to know the characters quickly but it’s good to know it’s the make scientist that has the highest value.

Say what you want about zombies, but they know how to get paid. With a 96.55% RTP, a €80 bet limit and a 4,980x multiplier, you can do the same. It won’t come easy due to the very high volatility but the wins taste even better after having to fight for it.


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Stacked Wilds All Around

The best way to deal with zombies is of course by making the most out of the features. Both Wild Walker and the progressive free spins are locked and loaded, awaiting your command.

Wild Walker – The Wild Walker is the stacked wild, covering 3 positions, and is always hungry for more. This guy is with you every step of the way and will randomly roam around the reels on every spin.

Release the Zombies With Progressive Free Spins

This is where the game accelerates and gives you a different look on traditional free spins, having more than one level. It takes 3 or more bonus symbols to set yourself up with 8 free spins, but if you manage to land 4, you will go straight to level level 2.

You will see a bit of a different set up as there are an additional 3 locked reels. After you’ve collected 3 bonus symbols, another reel will unlock and you will move on to the next level, with an extra 2 free spins.

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Keep racking up the bonus symbols and the other reels will open up and unleash an extra zombie stacked wild. Getting your hands on even bigger wins is now easier than ever.

They Will Never Quit

It’s in the nature of a zombie to never quit and in this case that’s all to your advantage as they are dying to help you win. The game has a very cool look and there’s no doubt it will be a hit.

The time to hit the streets has come, so good luck and be safe out there!