The 4 Horsemen II Slot Is whispering your name – Answer the call

The 4 Horsemen are back with a vengeance and what an opportunity for you to turn doomsday into your very own lucky day. Don’t let nerves hold you back from showing them who’s boss and that you will be the one coming out on the other side of the apocalypse not only victorious but with a pile of cash to prove it.

Spinomenal made sure to stuff the 4 Horsemen II slot full of awesome features that will come in handy for you. How about free spins, colossus and mystery symbols, a bonus Game as well as both a buy and gamble option!

Rarely have we been so excited about heading straight into raging fire. Are you with us?

You Have a Job to Do

If you haven’t faced the 4 horsemen before, one look at the reels is all you need. This is not your normal playground and with a creepy backdrop, 4x3x3x3x4 setup and 20 paylines, you can’t let yourself be blinded by fear. Not even when you come across a colossus symbol of one of the horsemen. You have a job to do and that’s to make some money!

When you have managed to slow down your pulse, you’ll be glad to know that the game has an RTP of 96.3%, which isn’t bad at all. In terms of bet limits, it is set at €50 and with the 1,000x multiplier in play, you can bag yourself the €50,000 max win. Sounds like a plan!


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Study the Features to Win

Taking a look at the features is a must before playing any game so let’s dive right in and get a better grip on what’s out there in terms of help.

Mystery Symbol – This guy will make an appearance from time to time and the secret icon that is hiding underneath will be revealed at the end of the spin.

Bonus Symbol – Restricted to reels 2-4, the bonus symbol will give you a shot at the wheel where you can spin and win a very helpful multiplier of up to 100x!


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Free Spins – Making a power statement with its 3×3 frame, when this symbol lands you can look forward to some intense free spin action. How many spins, you ask? That’s actually up to you!

Gamble Feature – When you have triggered the free spins, you’ll get the chance to turn them into as many as 50 free spins. If you want to play it safe, you can choose to collect the current amount being offered. However, if you are looking to make some real money this may be your best opportunity.

Be successful and you can fill up the count quickly but even if you were to fail, you won’t be left with empty hands as the lowest number of spins would be what’s indicated on the losing coin (min 10). In other words, it’s a win win and worth the extra gamble!

Buy Feature – You do have the option of buying your way into the promised land which is always good to know.

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Highly Entertaining

With this new knowledge in mind, you won’t have any problems living it up and master the reels of the game. Considering all the great features and nerve-racking action on offer, the 4 Horsemen II slot is a highly entertaining game. Kudos Spinomenal!