Vive la Révolution with Propaganda Slot

Revolution is coming! I’m not talking about the lopping off heads French kind. It’s more like the Steve Jobs announcing the iPhone kind in a lopping off heads package. Yes, we’ve got a new slot and this one is good enough for me to get out the magic markers and make a sign I can use to protest with.

It’s time to print those pamphlets for Korg and hit the streets in Propaganda slot from Elk Studios.

Power to the bonus features!

Propaganda slot’s gameplay is centered around tumbling wins. How this works is that symbols involved in winning combinations are removed from the reels with new reels falling into their place. This gives you multiple chances to win on a single spin. In Propaganda slot this is supercharged with every symbol in a winning combination adding a 1x multiplier to a global multiplier that will be applied to the next tumbling win. In the base game, the global multiplier is reset after each spin. During free spins, however, the global multiplier will continue to grow only being reset when your round comes to an end.


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If you’re a fan of Wilds, then Propaganda slot is the one for you. The slot has four different wild symbols and features.

  • Standard wilds – substitutes for all other symbols except the bonus symbol
  • Multiplier wilds – substitutes for all other symbols except the bonus symbol and applies a multiplier to the subsequent winning amount
  • Wild generation – each winning cluster generates a wild symbol
  • Wild split – multiplier wilds that connect multiple winning clusters are split into their respective clusters
  • Wild merge – multiplier wilds in a single winning cluster are merged

With the appearance of three or more bonus symbols on the reels, you’ll unlock a round of free spins. In addition to the global multiplier not resetting, you’ll also have the chance to grab additional free spins by finding red flags. The number of free spins added to your total will be displayed on the flag.

You can also supercharge a round of free spins by unlocking it with two bonus symbols and one super bonus symbol. During Super Bonus free spins, the Super Wild Strike feature will be triggered on every spin replacing standard symbols with multiplier wild symbols.


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If you’re not keen on waiting around for the revolution pamphlets to finish printing, you can select to purchase a round of the slot’s bonus features. Propaganda slot’s buy bonus feature offers a wide range of options including an option to buy a round of the Super Bonus free spins. The implementation is a little counterintuitive, though. Once you select your preferred bonus, you click the spin button to activate the feature. This is strange, but it gets downright annoying when you go to spin the reels following a bonus round, and you accidentally buy another round because the feature doesn’t deactivate at the end of the round. It’s just not very user-friendly.

Propaganda slot revolutionary or ridiculous?

This is what I’m talking about. Propaganda slot has quickly become one of my favorites of 2022. The slot has some fantastic graphics, interesting animations, and unique bonus features that really added to the gameplay. The addition of the Super Bonus free spins was a genius idea in my opinion. It just offers a little extra that I didn’t expect to find. And all the wild features are also really cool. It’s just a great slot!

Propaganda slot offers medium to high volatility giving a nice balance between consistent wins in ordinary gameplay and high-risk bonus buys. The RTP is a little low at 95% but thanks to the 10,000x max multiplier, you can push your max bet way down and still have a shot at some impressive wins. If you bet at the €20 max, you’ll be playing for a €200,000 max win.

The only complaint I have with this slot is that there is no free-play version available. Well, that and the annoying buy bonus feature.

If you’re looking for a few other fun Elk Studios slots, I recommend giving Cluster Slider and Bloopers a try.