The Royal Mint Is Where the Action Happens in Joker Heist Slot

The Royal Mint is under siege, and this time you’re invited to join the city-slicker robbers in their mission to print more money than ever imagined. You know what we’re talking about, players – it’s Money Heist mayhem!

Just like professional criminals in the show are in disguise, so is this game… With its Joker Heist slot name. But we’d recognize those Dalis anywhere. You can’t fool us. And just when we thought the high-stakes action was over, BitStarz brought the riot back to our screens for calculated wins of up to €156,250, courtesy of Felix Gaming.

Are you ready to raise machine gun hell on the reels? Suit up and stand up for the resistance!

There’s no room for heroes here

According to us, the most annoying person in this show was Arturo. Bless his martyr soul, the shit he caused kept us on the edge of our seats. The best thing to do in a hostage situation is either fall in love with Denver or sit down and shut up – but no, Arturo chose failed plots and got shot. Luckily he isn’t here to derail our mission.

It’s daunting pulling off a heist with the whole Spanish police force feet away from you. But never fear, the Professor is always near (albeit in spirit in this slot).

The equipment you’ll be working with is sure to get you on your way to committing the perfect crime. You’ll be spinning for wins with Stack of Money, Explosives, Machine Guns, Burner Phones, Blindfolds, and the Card Deck Royals. Also in your corner are the Free Games Vault and the very smiley Dali Wild.


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Lock it and glock it for the Free Games

Open the vault and enter the 5 free spins adventure in Joker Heist slot when you land 3 Free Games Scatters on the reels. Keep a lookout though because these symbols can only land on reels 1, 3 and 5.

Like the greedy Money Heist hooligans, we always want more! Luckily, you can get more free spins for every win that’s achieved in this blasting bonus round. If you land another 3 Scatters on the free spins screen, the same thing will happen.


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Cause multiplier mayhem

Why so serious? These masks are a creepier, more sinister version of artist Salvador Dali, all because they have a smile… And they’ll have you smiling too for the multiplied moolah coming your way.

Whenever a Dali Wild lands on the reels, it will open the safe above to reveal multipliers from x2 to x5. Each Dali Wild on the screen will multiply the winnings by the value unlocked in the safe. This means there’s a chance to win up to x3125 per line!


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Print that money baby!

You can leave the Royal Mint of Spain a much richer robber thanks to Joker Heist slot, and jet off on your life in hiding in the islands of Panama.

If this were us, we’d go by the pseudonym Sydney, and choose to live off the grid in Costa Rica… Like Don Lewis, if he didn’t get chowed by a tiger. The verdict is still out on that one.

This slot is a welcomed nod to Money Heist, and it has a 97.6% RTP and a very high volatility – and we’d expect nothing less. It’s no walk in the park the heist the Professor dreamed up.

Are you ready to embark on the heist of the century? Do it on the reels at BitStarz.