Wins Rise in the East in Book of Helios Slot

In Greek mythology, Helios was the god of the sun. Each morning, he rode a chariot from east to west, dragging the bright fiery ball behind him to illuminate the Earth. Today we know that the sun is just a giant ball of flaming plasma that the Earth orbits around, which is not quite as romantic.

Join the god of the sun as he illuminates wins across the reels in Book of Helios slot from BetSoft.

Will the real Slim Shady please stand up?

Over the last 12 months, we have published almost 50 different slots with “Book of” in their titles. And it’s not just from one game provider, either. The series seems universal to the industry, with countless different companies releasing their own “Book of” additions. What’s most confounding is the slots also largely have the same bonus features, apart from one or two exceptions. It’s like there was a meeting about it, and they all agreed this would be an easy way to get a slot or two out during times of low inspiration.


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Despite being part of this strange universe, Book of Helios slot differentiates itself with some truly beautiful graphics. The slot is set in a temple to the god of the sun, with Helios topping the reels and the pair of horses that pull his chariot flanking them on the left and the right. The slot’s symbols are mostly what you would expect to see in a slot like this, save for one, a female version of Indiana Jones. There’s probably a story in there somewhere, but it really isn’t explored at all, so the inclusion feels weird.

I’ve seen this one before

As uncanny as the mass adoption of the “Book of” title, it’s even more baffling to see how similar the feature sets are in each of these slots regardless of which game provider created that particular slot.

As a result, like all the others, Book of Helios slot’s bonus features are relatively straightforward, starting with the golden book symbol, which serves as both the slot’s scatter and wild symbols. With the appearance of three or more golden book symbols, you’ll unlock a round of ten free spins.


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Before the commencement of your round of free spins, a special symbol will be selected at random. If the special symbol is involved in any winning combination during free spins, all instances of it will expand to fill the entire reel. This gives you the chance to fill the entire slot with one symbol for some very large wins. Additionally, if a golden book symbol appears anywhere on the reels, it too will expand and reveal random win multipliers that award up to 5x your winnings each.

The only other element of the slot worth noting is the buy feature button that allows you to purchase a round of ten free spins. This gives the illusion of winning big, but more often than not, you’ll be spending more on unlocking a round of free spins than you’re likely to win.

Is Book of Helios slot just another copy?

Most titles that fall in the “Book of” series don’t offer much in the way of uniqueness when it comes to gameplay and bonus features. Book of Helios slot follows that rather disappointing trend diligently. Luckily, the slot also offers some sensational graphics and a little added bonus feature that make the slot at least a little unique.

Book of Helios slot does suffer from a rather anemic 95.58% RTP rating which isn’t helped by the addition of high volatility. However, with that impressive 20,168x max multiplier, you can chase the healthy €363,024 max win at just €18 a spin.

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