The 5 Emotional Phases of Winning Big at BitStarz!


Ignore what everyone tells you, there is no better feeling than winning big as you spin the reels or deal the cards at a casino – fact. With a big win comes a number of emotional phases, and preparing yourself for these phases will help you enjoy your big win moment even more than you thought was possible!

So, let’s celebrate that big win like it’s Christmas morning and we’re all 5 years old!

1. Ooh, that spin looks good!

So, the first step to any big win is spinning the reels – obviously. You’ve hit spin, got a few lines already as the first three reels slam into place and then you discover you’ve won a bonus feature such as free spins. Playing that last bet at the maximum spin value has turned out to be a very good call.

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At this point, you’re still feeling rather calm, but there is a hint of electricity in the air. There is a good chance your hand will be a little shaky as you go to hit spin and begin the free spins mode you just won, so don’t hesitate and smash that space bar – good things are about to come your way!

2. OHH. MY. GOD.

Your very first free spin out of 15 has yielded a “big win” on its own, more than enough to cover your losses from the session. This is the point you know something huge is coming your way, and you start to get goosebumps all over your skin. Is it getting hot in here? Someone open the window ASAP!

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As the free spins roll on, you keep landing big wins, and at this point you’re starting to feel a little feint and dizzy so make sure you’re sitting down – you might pass out once we get to free spins 10!

3. You’re Probably Screaming in a Pitch Only Dogs Can Hear

So, you’re made it all the way to free spin 13 and you’ve landed nice wins in virtually all of them, and you can see that prize pot growing by the second. Free spins is taking longer than ever before, but that’s because the game is totting up all those wins!

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By this point you’re probably screaming with joy and really have no clue what you’re doing anymore. All there is left to do at this point it pass out and wait for free spins to finish. There is a ton of cash coming your way, so pass out now and come around just in time to catch the last spin!

4. Frantically Calling Everyone in Your Phone

Free spins is finally over and you’ve walked away with a colossal amount of cash. Your bankroll now has more 0s than you can count. Struggling to come to terms with this mega win, you will likely dial every number in your phone book and scream the amazing news to them!

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To wrap off your public celebrations, there is a good chance you will take advantage of the blazing fast BitStarz cashouts and head down the Porsche dealership and get yourself a brand-new ride. You will then pick up your best friends, head on a weekend of partying and post it all to social media – why wouldn’t you.

5. Getting Smart with Your Money

After you’ve had your weekend of fun and elation, reality will come crashing back down and you will start wanting to get smart with your money. Wise people will pay off any debts they have and book themselves a nice relaxing vacation. If you invest the money wisely you could probably retire early and enjoy your life living like a king or queen!

Here at BitStarz, we’ve seen some of the biggest winners around. Back in May, one lucky player took home a $2.4 million win from a single spin. If you want to go down in the history books and get your name on the BitStarz big winners hall of fame, you need to start spinning those reels today!

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