BitStarz Player Lands Record-Breaking $2.4 Million Win!

BitStarz is shaking the online casino world to its core, as big win after big win just keep coming, with the latest monster payday blowing us away.

Smashing the BitStarz record, one of our players has won a jaw-dropping $2,458,064 spinning the reels of Azrabah Wishes. Yes, you read that right the first time, a player has won more than $2.4 MILLION at BitStarz – talk about a life-changing payday of epic proportions!

Three Wishes, Mega-Riches

Plenty of BitStarz games payout the big bucks, this year alone we’ve paid out $1.35 million, $720,192, and even €752,450 on Azrabah Wishes just a week ago, smashing our payout record several times over. You might say we’re a lucky charm for players that want to win huge stacks of cash. The game that’s made headlines with this earth-shattering win is Azrabah Wishes once again.

Straight from the Middle East and packed full of mystery, Azrabah Wishes has set BitStarz ablaze with unstoppable action. Factor in that Azrabah Wishes isn’t short on riches and you can quickly understand exactly why this game has sky-rocketed to the top of BitStarz “Most Played” list. After this big win we don’t see this game slipping from that position anytime soon.

Life-changing Wins

The lucky winner told Bitstarz:

When I saw the 40x multiplier and the symbols lining up during the Free Spins feature in Azrabah Wishes, I was not surprised. I mean, I was extremely happy, but I have to confess that the 2.2 million euro win didn’t come as a surprise. I had already won 750,000 euro in a single spin a few days before, and knew that this game was capable of paying out life-changing wins.

I love trying new slots every week, and BitStarz is the place to do it as they add new ones almost daily. This gives me the opportunity to always try out new games with thrilling features every time I play.

Two wishes have already come true with Azrabah Wishes, and I’m going for a third one. Thank you so much, BitStarz!

More Action Than Ever Before

BitStarz is the home to all things BIG. More than 2,200 games, 24/7 customer support, 10 minute or less cashouts and so much more, we’ve got a global reputation for a reason. Making it clear that we’re not messing around when it comes giving players exactly what they want, recently we’ve removed ALL withdrawal limits and boosted our already huge welcome bonus.

Other casinos might cap what you can win – not us. No withdrawal limits, so when you win with us the cash is all yours, just process a withdrawal and no matter how big you’ll find that the cash is on its way. We’ve also revamped and recharged our welcome bonus, so new players can grab 200 free spins and up to 5BTC across the first four deposits – so you can never say that BitStarz doesn’t give you extra.

Another week and another big win at BitStarz, do you have what it takes to join the BitStarz millionaires club? Now is the time to find out!