The Bartender is Serving up Wins in New Shake! Shake! Slot

Bartenders have two jobs. The first is to serve you all the tasty beverages you can stomach, and the second is to listen to all your concerns and worries until they slip away thanks to a slight touch of alcohol poising.

For those of you who don’t have a drinking problem, you can enjoy a drink or two at the Shake! Shake! slot from Felix Gaming.

What can I get you?

Shake! Shake! slot is set in a tropical paradise with the reels housed inside a beach-side bar. The bartender is wearing a long-sleeve shirt and a bow tie, seemingly not concerned about the scorching heat. The reels themselves are inhabited by cocktails and the ingredients to make them — all in all, a great little package.


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Please, sir, can I have another olive with my martini?

Thirsty and in need of a tasty beverage? Well, Shake! Shake! slot’s one and only bonus feature has a few drinks for you to choose from.

Just left of the reels is an ingredients list for the seven cocktails served at the Shake! Shake! Slot bar. If you manage to gather the right ingredients with a bartender wild, you’ll unlock a cocktail and a jackpot.


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The seven cocktails on the menu are mojitos, long island ice teas, tequila sunrises, bloody marys, vodka sodas, Cuba Libras, and margaritas. And that’s the whole menu. No free spins or bonus games. Just one admittedly enjoyable bonus feature.

Is Shake! Shake! slot running low on the good stuff?

Although uniqueness is not always rewarded when it comes to online slot games, it’s still great when a developer innovates. Shake! Shake! slot’s bonus feature is incredibly innovative and not like much we’ve seen before. The addition of a great theme and engaging graphics makes this one worth checking out.

The numbers look good too. Although it only offers a €42,780 jackpot, the combination of a 96.16% RTP rating and medium volatility results in a great balance between big wins and frequent wins.

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