Stir the Magic Cauldron Enchanted Brew Slot for Spectacular Wins

Witchcraft or not, there are skills needed to brew a magic potion and it’s not quite the stuff they teach us in school. There are times where this kind of knowledge would come in handy and today is one of those days.

Stirring the perfect mix in the Magic Cauldron Enchanted Brew slot won’t be easy but is the only thing standing between you and a tasty €400,000 max win. If you’re up for the challenge, you can pocket a lot more than that because this game is loaded with potential and fancy name features.

Add a scoop of Potion of Darkness, a drop of Unicorn Dust, a touch of Moon Seed Mark and 2 oz of Elixir Wilds and you will be on your way to fame and fortune!

Take a Seat and Let’s Create Some Magic

In a room full of recipes and the cauldron of course, your canvas will be a 7×7 grid where collecting potions and creating clusters will be your mission. Its content is unknown but the golden elixir is the most valued.

With a €400,000 max win, figuring out the right blend should be your only focus. After all, you want to match the €80 bet limit with a 5,000x multiplier so a slot with a 96.44% RTP and high volatility seems like the place to be.

It’s All About Winning Clusters

Five matching symbols is what’s needed for a winning cluster and the beauty is that every time one is created, the Tumble feature kicks in and removes the symbols involved in order to give room for new ones.

Should the next mix of symbols create another winning cluster, you can keep rolling and win even more.

Look For Elixir Wilds

You can be given small gifts completely at random and one of them is the Elixir Wilds. As many as 8 of them can show up on the reels and help you out get some more wins.

Fill the Cauldron

On your left is the main character, the cauldron. The trick is to fill it with 25 symbols in order to activate one of the 4 modifiers in play.

The modifiers are nothing but great:

  • Befuddlement: Will swap out the high value symbols for low ones
  • Invisibrew: All the low value symbols will be removed and replaced with fresh ones
  • Enlarging Ale: A big random block of up to 4×4 will be placed in a random position
  • Balm of Transfiguration: One of the low symbols will transform into a random high one

Time to Level Up

When you’ve gotten 25 symbols into the brew, you will move to the next level and if you manage to keep the momentum going until you reach 125 symbols, the more powerful modifiers will step in.

Play Now

Check out what you can get:

  • Potion of Darkness: Say goodbye to low value symbols and hello to high valued ones.
  • Unicorn Dust: These are the guys you want and 3-4 of them will hit the reels, with a 1x-2x multiplier attached. If one of them is involved in a winning cluster, it will remain on the reels and the multiplier will increase with +1.

You can get all the way up to 20x so the longer you can keep it up, the more money will be coming your way!

Here Comes the Moon Seed Mark

You will notice a blue light behind random symbols, known as the Moon Seed Mark. When you form a winning cluster that includes one of them, it will leave behind 2 wilds for you. Let’s go!

Big Wins Will Come

You never know what the outcome will be when experimenting with elixirs of this calibre. With that said, Pragmatic Play really pulled it off and we would cheat you out of something great if we didn’t offer the excellent Magic Cauldron Enchanted Brew slot.

Keep stirring and the big wins will come!