The hunky heartbreaker is at it again in Casanova’s Ladies slot

Casanova – the legendary lover uncovered: We all know Casanova to be the most famous Lothario in history, twisting sheets with over a hundred women and breaking many hearts along the way. But what we didn’t know about this ladies’ man, was that he was a scam artist, a spy, an alchemist, a prison escapee and a brawler… He was quite the rebel, and ladies love a rebel.

In Casanova’s Ladies slot, we’re stepping into the opulent lives of this sensual seducer and the women he’s charmed. While he may be the product of visual perfection, don’t let this bad-boy fool you. He’s a womanizer through and through.

The Masquerade Ball

Amatic must be as enamoured with Casanova as the ladies were, because they have three Casanova-centric games in their slots portfolio; Casanova’s Ladies slot, Casanova slot, and Grand Casanova slot – all featuring the same tall, dark, and handsome hunk.

And we aren’t complaining, their Casanova can whisper sweet nothings into our ears anyday. On the reels of this grand love affair where the ladies in Casanova’s life take centre stage, you’ll find three elegant Venetian woman at a high-society ball which includes Red Wine, Jewelry Boxes, Golden Brooches, Folding Fans, Cupid, and Bird Ornaments.

The Wild symbol is of Casanova, and the Bonus symbol is of his Masquerade Mask. Landing winning combinations in Casanova’s Ladies slot will have Casanova and his ladies feeling all loved up, because in this wonderfully animated game, hearts will appear on the reels to celebrate the wins.


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Free games for the spinsters

Many single ladies thought Casanova would be their forever after and take them from spinsters and turn them into humble wives, but no he was a player. The bonus round in this slot however, will not play you, because here, you have the power to dictate how this relationship goes.


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Landing 3 or more Masquerade Masks on the reels will award the Bonus Spins feature where the ladies become the Wilds. At the beginning of the feature you will get to choose how you would like your reels to spin, with 15 free games and 1 stacked Wild symbol, with 7 free games and 2 stacked Wilds, or with 5 free games and 3 stacked Wilds.

Additional bonuses can be won during this feature, it just depends if you are as magnetic as Casanova was, and have the allure to attract more Masquerade Masks.


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An animated slot for a charismatic fella

Casanova’s Ladies slot is an engaging experience, where the reels are animated and everything comes to life – even the ornamental bird. Wins made in this high volatility slot will have the symbols glistening and feeling the love.

The maximum win here is €5,000, which isn’t all that grand, but it is sure worth having a couple of spins on this epic 97.1% RTP slot of love and lust.

Are you a sucker for romance? If so, will Casanova be able to smooth-talk you into landing lovely wins in Casanova’s Ladies slot?