Check the Chicken Coop for Big Wins in 15 Golden Eggs Slot!

We’ve all heard of the goose that lays golden eggs, but have you heard about the jungle birds that lay golden eggs? Rumor has it that these golden eggs from the jungle birds are far more valuable than the eggs belonging to the goose, despite being smaller in size.

So, let’s team up and head into the jungle so that we can find 15 Golden Eggs slot. Trust us, if you can find 15 Golden Eggs, you’re going to be screaming from the canopy because you just won a shed load of money!

The Jungle Birds are Your Best Friends

Jungle birds can seem a little scary. They’ve all got big sharp beaks and will attack if you provoke them. But, if you can keep them on your side with a little seed then you’ve got yourself a loyal friend for life. If you love the bright colors of the jungle, then you will fall in love with the bright colors in 15 Golden Eggs. This 5-reel slot is incredibly vibrant, and the soundtrack is so upbeat, it will pull you out of any funk you’re in.

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When it comes to its win potential, 15 Golden Eggs has some tricks up its sleeve. You need to land 15 Golden Eggs, as the name suggests, on the reels to trigger the jackpot, which is the biggest win the game has. Depending on your bet level, the jackpot can be worth as much as €11,250 + 1% of all wagers you make on the slot. With an RTP of 93.9% and a low volatility, 15 Golden Eggs is an epic slot!

Can You Trigger the Jackpot?

The jackpot is arguably the best feature in 15 Golden Eggs, and triggering it requires you to root around the jungle and pick up a LOT of eggs. To begin with, you need to land 3 Golden eggs on the reels, then, those eggs will be held in place while free spins mode takes place – stick eggs, if you will.

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Your goal here is to land 15 Golden Eggs on the reels. If you managed to complete the mission, you’ll be granted the jackpot assigned to your bet value. All eggs you find in free spins mode are sticky, so you don’t need to worry about them going walkies. You can’t get more spins in free spins mode, so make the most of the spin you’ve got!

Are You Going to Collect Eggs?

If you love a bit of adventure in your life, then 15 Golden Eggs is perfect for you. The jackpot is a tasty size, and being a personal progressive jackpot, it means that nobody else can win your hard work. Good luck, and don’t get pecked by the birds!