The Hype Is Real and the Payouts Big in Dwarven Gold Deluxe Slot

The popularity of gnomes and dwarfs reached a new level of popularity with the story of Snow White. We are still not sure what inspired the Brothers Grimm to put the stunning princess with 7 tiny bearded men in a kids story, but it sure worked out well. We are just happy the story was written back in 1812, when things were simpler and didn’t have to include an element of social media where the dwarfs were constantly backstabbing each other over who had the most followers.

In the Dwarven Gold Deluxe slot they all get along like cheese and pizza so let’s join the party and check out the gossip about massive payouts, shall we?

Next Stop Big Win Nation

We are happy to see they are all on their best behavior in this game, as we enter the world of laughter and fairytale wins. The village is built up around the 5 reels and 25 paylines in a medium volatility game.

Besides treasure chests, butterflies and pots of gold, the reels are filled with the guys throwing back their drinks like there is no tomorrow. They sure are a festive bunch and it is hard to fault them, seeing how excited they are. Keep it up, boys! The triggering soundtrack and uplifting atmosphere makes us want to pour up a couple of cold ones ourselves.

Happy, Grumpy, Sleepy, Dopey or Sneezy… we are bad at telling them apart and when they have filled their bodies with loud mouth soup it can get even trickier but their big smiles are extremely contagious so it doesn’t even matter. They will still work their butts off to get you to your desired destination…big win nation!


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Free Spins With Extra Wilds

The free spins are the money maker in this slot as you probably could have guessed and regardless how many drinks are being passed around, the ones in charge of the ever so popular free spins are the butterflies. A slot featuring the seven dwarfs would not have been authentic if the magic number of free spins did not land on seven as well.

During your free spins, you will discover how extra wilds are being added to the reels, forming a sort of support group for the massive payouts to feel safe and appear. Before each spin, you can get 2 wilds and they will be locked in until the end of your free spin adventure.


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Get Ready for a Good Time

While the game doesn’t really offer anything extra in terms of mindblowing features or exciting bonus games, it doesn’t need any. The perfect combination of great design, funny characters and music that would make the grumpiest of people to get off their behinds and start dancing is enough to get hooked.

We are being honest when we say all of this may not have mattered so much if the possibilities of making a bunch of money were not in the mix. The wins are big and definitely worth waiting for.


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Bring Home the Bacon

Pragmatic Play nailed it with this slot. It’s a blast and a true pleasure to play and you sense the charm before you even press the spin button for the very first time. If you grew up with this magical story, you will have a blast playing this game so join in, rack up a few solid wins and you will see what we mean.