Walk a Mile in Peter Parker Shoes in the Chinese Spider Slot

We are all familiar with the radioactive spider that stuck his fangs into the innocent Peter Parker and turned him into Spiderman. Between 3-6% of the world’s population suffer from arachnophobia but with the help of Amatic’s new game, the Chinese Spider slot, maybe this number can be brought down. Not necessarily because it helps staring at a spider on your screen while you play but because of the eight legged wins you can rack up with this game.

It’s time to see if your spidey senses will start to tingle before you land your winning combos.

With Great Power Come Great Responsibility

Although the number 8 is the one closest connected to the spider family, this grid has been topped at 3 reels and 12 paylines. The spider may be playing the lead role in this slot but it’s the dragons, birds, fish, red flowers and a bunch of gemstones that dominate the reels. As the boss however, the spider is the only special symbol as the very hard working multiplier wild.


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Feel the Multiplier Kick

Keeping things simple is the way of this game and the multipliers are the ones with the biggest effect on your payouts. In comparison to many other slots, this one does not have a lot of fancy features as spiders are lonely creatures and do not like sharing their space and web. That considering, this particular spider has quite a bit of downtime as the web is finished.

When the spider is part of a winning combination, you can expect a nice little kick to your win. The more of them you can land the bigger the multiplier and it can get all the way up to 32x.


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Straight From the Spiders Web

There is a lot of bling in this slot which we don’t mind. All slots are unique, well many of them, and if the spider is satisfied and can push out big wins then who are we to argue. With a max coin win of a solid 3,840x your stake, there is a lot of money to be made here despite the lack of extra money making features. Every now and then a game comes along that is very straightforward and doesn’t need all the extra addition. This is one of those slots.

Arachnophobia or not, this is a kind of spider we can get used to. Give it a spin and cure your own phobia with some nice wins coming straight out of the spiders web!