The Wazdan Cash Drop Prize Pool is €100,000. Wicked!

This promotion gets bigger and bigger each time around. Seriously, a prize pool of €100,000 is insane – and we know you want some of it.

So, now is the time to drop everything and play Wazdan games until 18 September, there are over 6,000 prizes that’ll drop. Crazy, right?

Think about it… One minute you could be whispering to Colin the Cat, and BOOM, your account has been credited with some money, honey. And that’s not even coming from the damn cat.

It’s wicked. We love it. And so will you. So don’t miss the Wazdan Cash Drop at BitStarz.

Werk it with Wazdan this month

We love Wazdan’s casino creations. Especially Miami Beach slot.

It kinda looks like they stole Lara Croft and put her in the game. Sadly, they also stole the Tomb Raider graphics from PlayStation 1 as well. So it could also be Queen Elizabeth II for all we know.

And what about Infinity Hero slot? Is it a bird, is it a plane, or is it Johnny Bravo? We don’t care because you can win 13,000x your stake with this muscle man.

145 games qualify for the Wazdan Cash Drop, so if 1994 graphics and comic books aren’t your thing, then we have no doubt you’ll find the right game to get you going. Just head to our Promo Page for the list.

Drop it like it’s hot

Basically, how this promotion works is you need to place a qualifying bet in any of the qualifying games to, well, qualify for the drop.

Any bet can win you a prize, and these guys are awarded randomly during the Wazdan Cash Drop period. You can win more than one prize too. If you’re betting with bonus money, then don’t forget to read the Ts and Cs to see about the wagering requirements.

Anyway, now onto the prize pool. Here’s how the massive €100,000 will be shared:

  • €1,000 – 6x
  • €250 – 30x
  • €100 – 80x
  • €50 – 150x
  • €20 – 1,275x
  • €10 – 4,550x

Fingers crossed!

Who doesn’t love cash?

Big, small, a win is a win and another great thing about this promotion is that there’s no minimum bet requirement for the Wazdan Cash Drop! So bet big, bet small, do your thing for the chance to win some money.

This promo runs for a month, so have fun with Wazdan’s games – we know we do – and maybe you’ll be one of the players to get a drop. Maybe a big one, who knows? Play to find out.

*Wazdan games are restricted in certain territories, so those players will not be able to participate in the Wazdan Cash Drop. Ts & Cs apply.