Hurry, There’s Only 13 Days Left in the Space Level Up Adventure!

Unless you’ve been living in a cave with no access to the internet, then you know all about the BitStarz Space Level Up Adventure. It has been rumbling on since the end of January, but time is starting to run out. With 13 days remaining in this epic promotion, it’s do or die time for players.

There’s €50,000 in individual prize pools up for grabs, alongside a zero-gravity experience, tons of BitStarz merch and a brand spanking new MacBook Pro. So, what are you waiting for? Dive right in, plough through the levels and claim all the goodies for yourself!

Two Players Leading the Pack

As we usually see in the dying days of these epic level up adventure promotions, a handful of players are leading the pack and are steaming towards the main prize – a zero-gravity experience in the USA. With flights for two people and the most luxurious accommodation picked out, it’s no wonder people are going crazy for this fantastic promotion. In fact, it’s the biggest, best and most expensive level up adventure we’ve ever hosted. Don’t worry though, the trip is still on the cards and if you hurry you can still catch up and win it for yourself!


Go Faster Than the Speed of Light

Ok, we’re going to admit it, unless you land a mega win in the next few days, 13 days isn’t really much time at all. So, to help you across the finish line we’re going to dish out a couple of tips. First up, you’re going to want to hit the slots. Slots count 100% towards your level up requirement, while table games only count 5%. It’s also great to note that bonus money and free spins issued by BitStarz don’t count towards your levelling requirement either, so look to blow through those as fast as possible if you’re serious about that zero-gravity experience!

Play Now

Even if one of these pack leaders crosses the finish line before you, don’t worry – there’s still tons of goodies up for grabs. Each player can win €50,000 from the individual prize pools and there are multiple stashes of BitStarz merch, so even if you finish last you will get to claim some goodies. This means it’s worth pushing hard even if you’re just starting out. That €50,000 will come in handy for the next big promotion we’ve got tucked up our sleeves!

Start hitting the gym and getting fit, you’re going to need to be in peak physical condition for our next treat!