The Unicorn Reels Slot Is Full of Magic – Find Out for Yourself

Unicorns are mythical creatures and although they are said to possess magical powers, we doubt they are more magical than the reels of the new Unicorn Reels slot, coming galloping out of the stables of Wazdan.

Head deep into the enchanted forest to discover hidden treasures and unicorns that can take you to your ultimate destination, the Unicorn Jackpot Game, that holds three jackpots that are far from mythical. The forest also has a spectacular gamble feature and a buy option that can turn your already great day into an even better one.

So, are you ready to dance with the unicorns?

No Horns

The 5 reels and 10 paylines may not have horns but they can be unique in their own way. You will get visits by lucky clovers as wilds, crystal balls as scatters and a ton of horse shoes to bring you even more fortune.


Play Now

Thanks to a 1,000x multiplier, you can bag a nice €50,000 max win when you bet the maximum €50. You will have a 96.14% RTP on your side and in terms of volatility, don’t worry about it. The game has a separate button where you can choose from 3 levels and set it according to your preference. Wow, these unicorns really know how to please you, don’t they?

Double Your Unicorn Wins

Every time you win, you will have the option of trying to double your money. Put your winnings on the line in a fascinating 50/50 game that can take your winnings through the roof, faster than you can say the word unicorn.

Unicorn Jackpot Game

It’s only fair that these horned thoroughbreds give you a chance to score a jackpot. You will need to land 5 of the unicorn symbols in order to get a shot at it but when the Unicorn Jackpot Game is triggered, sky’s the limit.

Play Now

You will be facing a 5×5 grid with only unicorn symbols, where you will get 3 spins to start with. Every time you land another unicorn, the count will reset to 3, meaning you can keep going for a long time if you get hot.

Not only does a unicorn reset your count, it will also increase your reward and get you step by step closer to the jackpots. Can you make it all the way to the 1,000x your stake Grand Jackpot?

Go Straight to the Jackpots

With the help of the buy feature, you can choose to pay the asking price and go straight to the Unicorn Jackpot Game.

Worth it? Only you can decide but a jackpot is a jackpot, plain and simple!

We Need More Unicorns

Is there a petition we can sign to make unicorns real? These legendary creatures have the ability to bring you more luck than you would ever know and now when you can say hello to them on the Unicorn Reels slot whenever you want, there’s no saying where it will end.

Believe in their powers because they believe in yours!