The Wins Can Get You Buzzin’ in Buggin Slot!

Buggin slot, a game that takes “getting back to nature” to a whole new level. Let’s address the beetle in the room: a ladybug modeled after Marilyn Monroe. A bold move that has me questioning the boundaries of insect appeal. Weird and gross.

Playing a slot about a bunch of anthropomorphic insects is as bewildering as it is hilarious. This isn’t your garden-variety game; it has as many ways to win as a centipede has legs.

Plus, it’s got charm. Reminds me of Gardenscapes, an app I spend way too much time on during lockdown. But do I know how to keep a houseplant alive? Still no.

Luckily you don’t need to have a green thumb to win some in this one!

These insects are total characters

No but literally, they’re characters (who’ve got character). Living it up with the bootylicious ladybug is a techno spider that’s more about spinning records than webs, a cricket playing cricket – how original – and a Lewis Hamilton snail. Minus the looks, skill, and bulldog bestie.

Naturally, the other symbols found in this Elk Studios slot are all garden-related and include mushrooms (probably what the techno spider is on), blueberries, leaves, and raspberries.

This whimsical soirée hosted by the most eclectic bunch of bugs you’ll ever meet isn’t only all-fun no-action, it’s swarming with insanely good features, and can have you winning up to $200,000!


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So many features for us

The characters might be small in size, but the features here aren’t only big, they’re absolutely wild.

Wilds run the show here, both in the main and bonus game – I couldn’t believe my one set of eyes when I was trying Buggin slot out. Man, the number of Wild modifiers popping out and into play is crazy! So, let’s get into it.

There’s Wild Generation, where each winning combination becomes a Wild symbol. There’s Wild Merge, where the Wilds in a winning combo merge to form a Wild Multiplier.

And these are just the “ordinary” Wilds. We’ve also got Feature Wilds which include Big Wilds, Multiplying Wilds, Removing Wilds, Random Wilds and Upgrading Wilds which all shoot out and dart all over the show for excellent rewards!


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Buzzing bonus games

There are three main bonus features in this 94% RTP slot. First up is the Wild Redrops.

So, each win you achieve adds juice to the progress bar at the top of the reels, and this is how the Feature Wilds get triggered. Also on the progress bar is a Locked Shield. Reach this, and the Wild Redrops will activate with all rewarded Wild Features being released onto the reels for bonus mayhem.

Now for the Free Spins Round. Basically, three B symbols launch the feature, giving you 7 free spins to use, with all snazzy Wilds in play, plus Sticky Wilds to add to the Wild frenzy.

That’s not all though, there’s also a Super Bonus Game. If you have a Super Bonus symbol, represented by an S, then you’ll enter the Super Bonus Game.

It’s basically the same as the ordinary Bonus Game, but it’ll kick off a refill of the max number of unlocked Feature Wilds you’ve secured so far.


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A new appreciation for bugs

Buggin slot invites you to get involved in a world where the line between us and big wins is as thin as a spider’s silk.

Yeah, it has a medium to high volatility, but this doesn’t stop us from poking a beehive now does it? We want the stuff inside – and the stuff inside Buggin slot is pure gold!

So, if you’re up to try something different, then this sweet but seriously good game could be your next hit!