Pugs Life Slot Is an Ode to a Lazy Pup – And We Can Relate!

The “Pug Life” became so mainstream, like 10 years ago. But alas, I see there is a new game based on this very sentiment. Hey, I guess it’s better than living a Thug Life, and I’ll never complain about seeing cute doggies on my screen – never!

There was a time when pugs pretty much ruled the pet kingdom. Everyone has/had one. Is it their googly eyes and constant farting? Probably. There is no denying these lazy lounge lizards are cute as hell: smooshed faces, pig tales, and all.

So, if you’re a sucker for slobber, then Pug Life slot is what you should be playing… And while you’re playing it, you could land up with sloppy kisses worth up to €225,000.

It’s a pug’s life for me

While pugs are not my breed of choice (probably because I don’t love pleasing society), I resonate with them well. I, too, live a carefree life based on confidence and being cool. And the other stuff, too, like being incapable of doing anything but eating.

This Hacksaw Gaming slot, however, is not only about pugs – it’s pretty much a rendition of what my house looks like on any given day… Full of dogs, cats, birds, and rats. Yup, I love me a rodent too. Hell, you could drop a cow at my door, and I’ll take it in.

I digress. Let’s see what Pugsly the Pug and his crew have in their playpen regarding game features.


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Let’s treat ourselves

Hacksaw got really creative with this medium volatility slot, and I really love the way the game’s features are catered to the theme.

In the main game, you could land Treats on the reels, which reveal Wild Multipliers. The more delicious the treat is, for the pet that is, the bigger the Multipliers.

So, a Biscuit can reveal 2x to 4x Multipliers, Bones can have 5x to 20x values, and Steaks can go as high as 200x. So, it’s the Steaks we want to land.


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What’s in the Dawg’s Den?

Pugs Life slot has two unique features, Treat Yo’Self, and The Dawg’s Den – and both of these can be generous as hell. I won €1,425 in a single round of The Dawg’s Den.

In Treat Yo’Self, the feature starts with 5 free spins, where all Treats that drop remains sticky and stay for the round. They will continue to throw out Multipliers from spin to spin, and extra spins will be awarded for every additional Treat that lands.

On the other hand, the amount of free spins in The Dawg’s Den relies on what the Kennel reveals. Each Kennel dropped in the main game will show number 3 or 4, which will be added to reward you with the collective amount of free spins.

I thought I preferred Treat Yo’Self because it seemed I was winning more. But that’s because no wins are shown until the very end of the Dawg’s Den feature. And I actually won more there. A Sticky Toaster Scatter can land, increasing the current multipliers and adding extra wins to the remaining spins.

So, in fact, both these features are the best. I can’t say which one is better. And you can buy them too.


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An ode to a lazy pug

Pug Life slot is a breath of fresh air. The features are fantastic, and there are so many of them to choose from. You can even use the Buy Bonus to double the chances of Treats landing in the main game. Now that’s going the extra mile.

It has a 96.33% RTP, and is ready to be played today.