Throw a Jab Followed by a Right Hook and Win Big in the MWA Slot!

Whether you are a boxing fan or prefer MMA and UFC, the basic concept is the same. It’s all about the one on one combat where the best man or woman wins. It’s not often we see a game with this theme but when Belatra recently released their brand new fighting style slot, the MWA Mighty Winners Assault, you know you are in for a treat.

This is the perfect way of getting any pent up aggressions out while making money at the same time. In a way it’s like being a professional fighter, so get out there and take a big swing at your opponent!

Step Into the Ring

When you step into the Belatra ring or octagon this time it is built up by 5 reels instead of rope. Making sure the theme is obvious the symbols are very familiar. Boxing gloves, belts, mouth guards, ring girls, two fighters and perhaps the most classic fighting symbol of all times, the fist, are all to be found on the reels. In other words, the stage is set for one heck of a bout.


Uppercut Free Spins

Is there an actual fight in this slot? Yes, there is! In order to get there you will need to land the two fighters. When these guys appear on reel 1 and 5, get ready to rumble! First you need to make the choice of who your representative will be in the ring. The two gladiators at hand are the Boxing Club Wolf and the New Gladiator.

When the fight begins, each fist you land equals a punch. Get a punch in on your opponent and you score a point. 12 Free spins means a 12 round fight so when you manage to beat your opponent, get ready to meet the ring girls. Not only are they celebrating your big win, but by picking one of them, they will reveal the multiplier to be added to your win!


Double Your Wins With a Big Punch

If stepping into the ring with another opponent isn’t risky enough for you there is always the risk game. Double or even quadruple your wins by picking red or black in a simple card draw. It’s never been easier to make more money!

On top of this, you can find a buy option where you can pay your way into the ring. If you have enough in your account, this is an express lane to the free spins!


Time to Recover

After a session like this you need to recover and what better way than taking a look at your progression in Slot Wars. Get into the top 40 by the end of the week and recover with a healthy dose of the €5,000 prize pot being handed out each and every week..