Time Traveling Is Real and so Is the Money in The Curious Machine

We have never had the chance to step foot in the lab of a young and promising inventor before, so today feels like a big day for us. This guy might be the new Elon Musk and even though he strictly ordered us not to mess around with any of his buttons, we’re just happy to be able to watch his magic up close. Genius tech prodigies have the ability to make you feel quite dumb and The Curious Machine slot shows us things we haven’t seen before and we are super excited about bringing you along and to hang out with the fascinating sidekick robot!

Don’t Touch the Control Panel

The machine built specifically for this slot consists of 5 reels and 30 paylines and a very complicated control panel, reserved for the inventor himself only. To be honest, we had no idea what to expect this machine to look like and what the features could be but when an opportunity like this presents itself, we are diving in head first!

Taking a look at the symbols, our cluttered minds are working overtime trying to process all the maps, control panels, clocks, the general and the very futuristic city image. Not to mention the dinosaur and time travel switchboard. Luckily, we don’t need all the details as long as we can spin the reels and bag some green cash!


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Robot Assisted Bonus Feature

As you know, we love the Double Up feature and in this game, you are in for something special. Guess the cards is the norm but with a playful robot as this sidekick, it would be wrong not to involve him. The game itself is a simple game of picking the right hand so pay close attention to figure out in what hand the robot hides your money. It’s a 50/50 chance so the odds are great!


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Blast to the Past Free Spins

Did we mention the inventor is a big fan of time travelling, which is the main reason he built this machine in the first place. The hints regarding where you might be heading are in the dinosaur free spins symbol. Land 3 of them and get ready for a trip to the land of retriggered free spins, starting with 10 of them. As a nice bonus, each spin has a random multiplier attached. Is that a T-Rex over there?


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Travel Back in Time and Win Big

It’s impossible to look past the detailed graphics in this great game and it’s easy to catch yourself paying attention to things other than the reels. This game is a real treat and Betsoft pulled out all the stops in terms of cool features as well. When it comes to adventure and entertainment value it is hard to beat time travel and bringing back a boatload of cash so prepare yourself for an exciting time!