Draw First Blood and Fight for the Epic Wins With Rambo Himself

Throughout history, a ton of action heroes have been blasted onto the big screens of Hollywood and become household names across the globe. The box office numbers have shot through the roof for many of them and today we wanted to pay tribute to one of the biggest names of all. From First Blood to the recent release, Last Blood, this legend is so huge he goes by one name only. Sylvester Stallone’s epic character, Rambo, is taking us straight into enemy territory in Rambo slot.

Can you feel the blood pumping as we are closing in on the action?

Feel the Adrenaline Rush

Mr war machine himself takes us on a mission in a foreign land across 5 reels and 720 paylines, backed by iSoftBet. The adrenaline is shooting through our veins as the soundtrack drops us right in front of the attacking enemy. What gear can we lean on when the shit hits the fan? Well, we have a jeep, a machete and bullets, while a grenade fills in as the progressive symbol and Rambo himself as the scatter.

You can hear the bullets flying past your head, the helicopters hovering above while the alarm sounds for the bomber planes. The stressfactor is high in this slot but you have prepared for a long time so you are more than ready.


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Free Spin Action

What would a war be without some free spin action? Shoot down 3 or more of the scatters and you can enjoy up to 15 of these. Before it’s time to pull the trigger, a symbol will be randomly selected as the expanding wild throughout your spins. When the decision has been made, you are good to go!


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Progressive Jackpots Worthy of a Hero

With each win you will see a tiny clip from the movies which adds even more authenticity to the slot. Apparently iSoftBet didn’t think Rambo himself was enough to attract players to the game so they also added some pretty sweet incentives in the shapes of progressive jackpots! We feel it’s more than fair to hand these out considering we’re putting our lives on the line.


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Worth Every Penny

Bullets flying, bombs being dropped and the action is through the roof. This slot delivers what is promised and with the progressive jackpots within reach this game is a gold mine for you gamers out there. The honor of fighting side by side with the legendary Rambo himself is worth every penny. Literally.