Traipse Through Egypt For Big Bucks in Ankh of Anubis Slot

Have you ever wondered whether the Egyptians were helped by aliens from a different dimension? Well, let’s pretend they did, but instead of tucking tail and running back to their home world, these aliens decided to stick around. The Egyptians have been using their incredible tech to improve civilization and have built some pretty cool contraptions.

Head into an alternate Egypt as you spin the reels and take home crazy amounts of cash in Ankh of Anubis slot. In this world, the aliens stayed and helped the Egyptians continue to reign supreme!

Hefty Blocks and Hefty Wins Used to Build These Pyramids

If you’ve ever been to Egypt and seen the pyramids, you will start to question how on earth the workers back in 3,000 B.C. Ankh of Anubis gives us some clues and an alternative way of thinking – the aliens really did help out. So, with their fancy tech and spaceships, you can expect some pretty huge wins. This futuristic society still believes in cold hard cash, so spin the reels and be on the look out for a mega 15,000x your stake. With a €30 max bet, that winds up at a crazy €450,000 win from a single spin – not bad for a few hours toiling in the desert heat. Just kidding, the aliens brought AC with them.

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Anubis Offering His Power

What’s the point in being a god, or possibly alien with superpowers, if you’re not going to use them? Thankfully, Anubis is one chilled dude and he is willing to use his powers to help you bag some pretty hefty wins. As you’re spinning the reels, Anubis will randomly place a handful of wilds onto the reels, helping you land some nice combos. If you can land a fully stacked Anubis wild, you could be in for the biggest payday of your life, just make sure you thank the gods!

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Interplanetary Free Spins Await

You can’t have a slot without free spins, it’s almost criminal. So, it’s a pretty good think these ancient aliens knew how to have a good time. Not only did they bring their epic tech to help the Egyptians build pyramids, but they also brought the world juicy free spins. Landing three of more scatter pyramids on the reels will trigger free spins mode. As you’re spinning the reels, you can collect Ankhs, and once you’ve gathered 5 Ankhs, wilds will be added to the reels. You can retrigger free spins mode indefinitely, so keep an eye out for pyramids!

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Ankh of Anubis has got to be our favorite Egyptian themed game of the year. The concept is brand-new and it challenges the accepted version of history – something you don’t see too often in a slot. The mega wins, epic free spins and mini history lesson you get along the way really makes Ankh of Anubis stand out. Best of all, as you’re spinning the reels and racking up hefty wins, you will also earn points towards the Slot Wars leaderboard. Place in the top 30 at the end of the week to win a slice of €1,000!