Get Ready to Win Big in the Rainbow Jackpots Power Lines Slot

In this new release from Red Tiger Gaming, you should be prepared to face some real power. Each ingredient used to build the game is powerful in its own sense and when you pour them into a pot and mix them all together you will get a product as good and feisty as the Rainbow Jackpot Power Lines slot.

Any slot involving a cheeky leprechaun usually means a good time and this one is no exception. Design, features and payouts are all at the level you want it to be so it feels safe to say you are in for a treat.

Shifting Reels and Paylines

The grid that is hosting the action is not the plain old 5×3 reels you would normally see. As you could have guessed, Red Tiger Gaming enjoys a little twist. This little guy stretches 6 reels wide up to 6 rows deep in a shifting number of paylines that are called Power Lines. Clovers, horseshoes, a leprechaun hat and a whole lot of wilds dominate the reels and this is just the beginning.


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Super Free Spins with Flying Symbols

The team at Red Tiger Gaming did not hold back on the design and cool features and all credit to them for letting loose. If we take a look at the free spin feature, which you will be lucky to experience if you land enough of the free spin pot of gold symbol, it is as fun as they come.

You may think you are in the line of fire of a meteor shower but it’s just high paying symbols flying across the reels, hoping to stick. The more the merrier of course and this could turn out to be a blessing and an earth shaking payout, depending on how many will stay on the reels of course.


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Grab a Cold One and Get Paid

If you feel like you need to treat yourself to a cold one, you can keep playing as an opportunity may just arise. The Beer Bonus symbols will have 3 glasses lined up for you on the bar. Make your pick among them and watch the pouring begin. This feature can pay up to 1000x so be smart, trust your gut and most of all, enjoy your beer!


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In the Leprechaun We Trust

They say you can never trust a Leprechaun but we must admit, we are on the fence about this, as this guy clearly delivers on his promises. Epic features and fantastic design would have been enough for us to enjoy this new slot but the jaw-dropping payouts took it to the next level. Start spinning as we can assure you, you will not be sorry!