Want to Master Roulette? Our Beginner’s Guide Has You Covered!

A Roulette table can be quite an intimidating sight. It may seem that there’s a lot going on at first, and many players would steer away from this timeless casino game as it could seem somewhat challenging. But the truth is that Roulette is very easy.

You’ll be wondering why you’ve never explored this exciting table game before once you realize how simple it really is. We’re going to be focusing on the basics of the game today, and we’ll be throwing in a few pointers to get you placing winning bets on the table before you know it.

Are you ready to wager on the ultimate wheel of fortune? Let’s get to know Roulette!

How does a Roulette layout work?

Roulette is played with a ball spinning around in a wheel that eventually lands in one of 37 slots, which range from the numbers 0-36. The table layout basically represents the wheel on a betting platform. Players will place bets on the table layout in various betting positions before the ball is spun.

Once the ball lands in a numbered slot, all bets on the layout corresponding to the winning number that the ball landed on will win and be paid out. The losing bets that aren’t related to the number will lose and be cleared from the layout. The winning bets will stay in their positions or be paid out with the winnings. These bets have some awesome payouts which we’ll get to soon.


The zero slot is always green in color, and the other 36 numbered slots are split 50/50 by red and black. As you can see on the wheel, red or black numbers are never situated next to one another but are separated with numbers of the opposite color.

Betting on numbers

You have the option to place a bet on one of the following positions – straight on a number (straight-up), between two numbers (split), a row of 3 numbers (street), between 4 numbers (corner), a row of six numbers (six-line), and the corner bet of the first four numbers.

You can place at least 1 chip on these positions depending on how many numbers you want to cover with a single bet. This is where the big cha-ching lies in roulette.

Here are the payout odds for each betting position:

  • Straight-up (1 number) = 35 to 1
  • Split (two numbers) = 17 to 1
  • Street (three numbers) = 11 to 1
  • Corner (four numbers) = 8 to 1
  • Six-line (six numbers) = 5 to 1

Betting on the outside of the layout

This is the easiest way to bet on a Roulette table. These betting positions are known as the outside bets, which are the bigger blocks that border the number-betting positions. The payout odds are much lower than betting on numbers, but your chances of winning are much higher. You see, there’s a unique balance between high and low volatility with Roulette.


The betting positions furthest from the numbers are the easiest on the layout. You can make a bet that the ball will land on a high or low number, red or black, and odd or even numbers. And with 36 numbers on the wheel, there’s always 18 black, 18 red, 18 odd, and 18 even numbers. The low numbers are 1-18, and the high numbers are 19-36. Your chances are pretty much 50/50 on these bets and they pay 1 to 1. If the ball lands in 0 the bet loses.

The “dozen” bets are placed in the 1st twelve (1-12), 2nd twelve (13-24), and 3rd twelve (25-36) positions. This means that you’re betting on one of the twelve numbers in the block. The payout odds are 2 to 1 if one of the numbers in the block win.

The column bets are placed in the positions marked 2 to 1. Here, you’re betting on one of the numbers in the respective column to land as the winning number. The first column is from 1-34, the second is 2-35, and the third column is 3-36. The payout odds as you could have guessed are 2 to 1. And there you have the basics, girls and boys!

Let’s now look at the types of Roulette you can play.

A European, American, and Frenchman walk into a bar…

So there are three main types of Roulette – American, European and French Roulette. Of course, over the years game providers have found new ways to tweak Online Roulette games to make them more exciting.

Some now have added bonus features and in some cases higher payout odds when winning, like in Lucky Roulette table game from Belatra Games. This one has some added thrill involved so make sure you check it out.


European Roulette is the easy one that we have gone through for today’s guide. You can try European Roulette table game by NetEnt games or European Roulette table game from BGaming games to start out.

American Roulette differs slightly as it has two zero slots instead of one. There are a few variations of all three types of Roulette. The best approach would always be to read the game rules before playing, as most online roulette games differ regardless of the “type” of Roulette offered in the game. BGaming has a great version of the classic American Roulette table game, if that is the type of Roulette you are on the hunt for.

French Roulette is a little different, but uses the same wheel as European Roulette with one zero. With French Roulette, if you place a bet on the outside “even chance” positions like red or black and zero comes up, you will receive half your bet back, unlike the other two where your bet will lose. You will also have the opportunity to keep the half-bet remaining on the table and go for all or nothing for the next spin!

Let the money roll in with Roulette!

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So there it is, the ball is in your court now. Give it a spin around the Roulette wheel and start your new journey as an authentic Roulette player.

Have fun playing and good luck!