Level Up Faster in Space Level Up Adventure with These Top Tips!

We’ve just launched the Space Level Up Adventure and we’re sending you on an intergalactic adventure to uncover treasure and riches – if the name didn’t give it away. With so much at stake, it’s no surprise that our support heroes are being flooded with questions about how players can level up faster.

So, to give you all the inside information that you need to bag €50,000 in bonuses, a zero-gravity experience, a brand-new MacBook pro and tons of BitStarz merch we’ve put together this epic guide. What are you waiting for? Get the tips and win the goodies!

Take the Reels to Outer Space

We know how much you love to spin the reels, and it’s a good job you do as it’s your key to leveling up faster than the speed of light. Slots count 100% towards your levelling requirement, while table games count 5%. It’s true that table games give you more control over the outcome and therefore allow you to play more hands, but this also takes a long time to do. So, if you want to level up quickly, you need to spin those reels so fast they take off into outer space!

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Be Picky with Your Slots

While all slots might seem the same on the outside, when you get under the hood certain slots actually give you an advantage when it comes to levelling up really fast. The more turnover you complete, the faster you fly through the levels, and this is where you need to be smart. Pick games that are medium to low volatility to ensure you keep on racking up wins and can keep that turnover ticking. Next up, you need to find a game that has turbo spins if you care about levelling up quickly. These are the best games you can play and will give you the best chance to level up really quickly and bag all those goodies!

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Space Level Up Adventure is our biggest adventure promotion ever, and there are tons of goodies up for grabs. Make sure you’re the one winning that zero-gravity experience and that epic MacBook pro to help document the experience. This is a one in a lifetime chance to win some amazing goodies, so use these tips and level up faster than a rocket blasting off into outer space!