Let’s Put a Blowtorch to These Cooled off Slots and Heat Them Up

With all the new games dropping, week in and week out, it’s only logical that some of them feel slided and end up in a cold rut for a little while. This is exactly what happened to the 5 games below during the month of August. They held onto their payouts a bit tighter than all other games.

Let’s take a closer look at them so that you know what to prepare for. After all, a game can turn hot from one single spin so you better be ready.

Tombstone – Nolimit City

You can see wanted posters plastered all over town so you need to be quick on the draw. The Tombstone slot is crawling with trigger happy cowboys and one good spin is all you need to collect the bounty on the trio of outlaws known as Edda Star, Skinny Joe and El Gordo.

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Although the big payouts were all seemingly locked up during August, it doesn’t mean you can’t release them back onto the streets with the help of the big guns named Justice spins, Gunslinger spins and Bounty spins.

We hope your aim is perfect as you protect the town from horse thieves and bank robbers and get properly rewarded.

Rhino Mania – Platipus

This is the African wildlife at its best. Free spins is a fantastic currency to have on the scorching hot savannah, which just happens to be your playing ground in the Rhino Mania slot. You can spin your way to a fantastic 50 free spins and a 1,000x multiplier payout by landing a gang of scatters.

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The payouts from last month must’ve gotten lost on their safari but rumor has it they will be back on track any day now. In the meantime, use the 5 reels and 4,096 paylines to keep a safe distance between you and the bloodthirsty predators roaming around, while you focus on racking up winning combos!

White Rabbit – Big Time Gaming

Down the rabbit hole we go for another epic tea party with the Mad Hatter, Alice, Tweedledee and Tweedledum in the White Rabbit slot. This crazy place is a high volatility game and comes jam-packed with great features like free spins, bonus wilds and the Queen’s Reel leading the way.

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Give a shout out to the Caterpillar as he is puffing away while you fill your pockets with the 13,000 max coin win. The game was one of the slots that paid out the least amount of cash last month but most likely they got stuck somewhere in Wonderland so please keep an eye out.

Gold Vein – Booming Games

Heigh-ho, heigh ho, back down the mine we go. We might have to dig out the gold ourselves since the payouts seem to have been lost lately. Thankfully the Gold Vein slot is the perfect opportunity to break a losing streak and heat things up with glimmering gold, fresh from the mines.

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Grab your gear, free spins and a whole lot of dynamite, the reels are set to blow the big wins in your direction. Tick, tick, boom!

Beat the Beast: Cerberus’ Inferno – Thunderkick

Unfortunately the only way out of hell is by getting past Cerberus a.k.a the Hound of Hades. It’s not the easiest of tasks and it was pretty much impossible during August but giving up isn’t in the cards. Spin your way through the flames of the Beat the Beast: Cerberus’ Inferno slot and show this freakishly looking dog who’s boss. Don’t forget to grab as many of the wins as you can on your way to victory and most of all, safety.

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Our list of our 5 coldest slots from August 2020 is hereby complete. As we always prefer to find the positive in things, we look forward to higher temperatures and more payouts very soon, as it doesn’t take much for a slot to heat up. The smart player makes sure to be there when it happens, so in other words… see you soon!