Welcome to the Wilderland Slot Where the Payouts Are Magical!

There are drastic methods available if you wish to come across as an elf, such as cosmetic surgery for pointy ears, learning the Elvish language, taking archery lessons or maybe even attempting to make magic potions using yourself as a guinea pig. Then there are easier ones such as watching Lord of the Rings movies on repeat or just finding a nice slot to give yourself a break from normal life. Thanks to NetEnt‘s latest release, Wilderland slot, you can safely disappear into the magical world of elves for however long you would like.

Let’s head into another enchanted forest and see if you can’t rack up a few glimmering elven treasures.

Beauty and Mystique

Staying true to their reputation of being gorgeous creatures, keeping up with the maintenance can’t be easy. Living in a world limited to 5 reels doesn’t make things easier but these elves are as comfy as can be and their level of beauty and mystique is still phenomenal.

To join them on the reels in this game, they have invited all of their most prized possessions like magnificent jewelry of multiple sorts, the mandatory elven weaponry of bow and arrow, stunning leaves from their magical trees and the sneakiest animal of the forest, the red fox.

While the graphics are excellent, what we all really care about is if there is any money to be made in this particular forest.


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Extra Action in the Activation Zone

Elves are always up to something and an Activation Zone is the helper of the day. You will find it on the second row across the reels and if you get 2 or more of the wild symbols within these frames, you will activate the Forest Treasure feature which will then transform into one of the possible four Walking Wilds. These guys will move one step to the left with each spin and most of all, work towards making you money.

As a bonus, if you reach the free spins rounds, the Activation Zone will cover all rows. Boom!


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Enchanted Free Spins

One would expect a magical free spin feature in a slot like this and thankfully the elves heard our wishes. The standard 3 or more scatters will have to end up on your reels before you can enjoy these money makers but they are worth waiting for. Together with your free spins, you will get a Walking Wild symbol starting on reel numero 5. Spin and watch it move across the reels and rack up wins.

During your free spins, the Activation Zone will be live across all 3 rows instead of only the middle one. Magical isn’t it?

Do You Believe in Magic?

This entire experience has such a soothing vibe, we can’t wait to go back. Heading deep into the enchanted forest to spend time with the elves is magical and we can’t say enough about the money there is to be made here. If you don’t believe in elves or magic, this slot may just change your opinion!