Supercharge Your Blackjack Hands in Power Blackjack!

Blackjack is arguably one of the most popular casino games of all time, and it’s going to hold onto this reputation for centuries to come. Today, we’re diving into a brand-new take on the classic game, one that gives you the chance to double, triple and even quadruple down on your hand to give you the chance to win some truly mega stacks of cash!

Get ready with your wheelbarrow to carry the mountains of chips you’re about to win as you play Power Blackjack, right here at BitStarz!

Blackjack on Steroids

Blackjack is already a fast-paced game that will have your heart pounding so hard you can see it through your shirt, but Power Blackjack takes those emotions and supercharges them – just like it does to your winnings too. The rules are virtually the same as regular blackjack, but there are a few tweaks you need to know about before you start dropping chips onto the felt. All 9s and 10s have been removed from the decks, but face cards remain. You can double, triple or quadruple down on any two cards – that includes when you split.

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Triple or Quadruple Down to Win More Cash

If you’re following basic strategy, you will need to update your charts given that there are no 9s or 10s in the decks. Once you’ve done this, you can play again knowing exactly when to split, stand, hit, double, triple or quadruple down. This amazing feature lets you go to town on the dealer’s bankroll, taking up to 4x your stake from a winning hand. This is a great feature to help boost your bankroll when you’ve got a good hand.

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Blackjack Are Even Sweeter in Power Blackjack

When you play blackjack, there’s no better feeling than landing a blackjack, but if you can do it in Power Blackjack, it’s even sweeter. Blackjacks pay out at 3:2, but it’s the feeling of landing one that’s far sweeter. Without 10s in the decks, there are less ways to make a blackjack. So, if you can pull off this impressive feat, take your hat off and bow down, you’re a true legend amongst blackjack players!

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There are oodles of side bets waiting to be played in Power Blackjack, some of which pay out rather nicely. If you can land a suited 21, you’re looking at a hefty payout of 20:1 while triple 7s pay out at 100:1. What are you waiting for? Start taking your blackjack game to the next level and win big in Power Blackjack!