Get Your Aim Right and Gun Down the Big Bucks in Wild Wild Spin

Some good old gunslinging never gets old. Back in the day arguments were settled with a big fistfight or a man vs man duel before it turned into sneak attacks, drivebies and even drones. In a way it follows the society as a whole where the keyboard jockeys and trolls are attacking left and right but nothing is ever settled face to face.

Imagine our luck when we get the chance to load our guns and head into the streets of the Wild Wild Spin slot where we can work on our aim and blast our way towards the big bucks!

While the Dust Settles

The dusty streets of this western town holds 5 reels and 25 paylines. The symbols calling this town their home are a few of the baddest gunslingers in the west, lucky horseshoes, a cactus with a cowboy hat, revolvers, an indian chief, a sheriff star and wanted posters.


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Get Rewarded for Being Trigger-Happy

The bonus features in this game will have you reaching for the bottle. As it is the wild west, the one thing you can always count on is a shootout. If you feel extra trigger happy, land 3 or more of the bonus symbols and prepare to shoot. During the bonus round you are faced with 5 cowboys and your mission is to shoot them down, one bullet at a time. Pick your target, pull the trigger and see what money gets left on the ground for you to get.


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Shoot From the Hip and Win Big

If you have been working on your skills at the range, why not take a shot from the hip by betting 250 coins in one go and get rewarded with x500, giving you a nice max win of 125,000. Just like the wild west, there is plenty of gold to get your hands on if you know how to work a gun.


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Spend the Day as a Gunslinger

We love the wild west! Revolverman or not, it is a fascinating place. You don’t even need to rob a stagecoach in this slot but you can still make a ton of cash. The free spins are just complimentary as the big fun is the bonus feature but overall, playing the role of a gunslinger is quite satisfying and you need to give it a go!