What is a Cashback Weekend and How Does it Work?

Here at BitStarz we’re always looking for new ways to add value to your gaming sessions and to keep you spinning towards your next big win. But when things don’t go your way it can get a little disheartening, and that’s why we have cashback weekends. These epic promotions let you play without fear, doubling down on hands that you probably would fold under normal circumstances.

We keep getting asked how the cashback weekend works, and with our latest cashback weekend just ending, there has never been a better time to explain how they work. So, buckle up and prepare to learn about the wonderful world of cashback weekends!

What is a Cashback Weekend and How Does it Work? gif

We Give You Money When You Lose

Quite simply put, we give you money back whenever you lose. Cashback weekends are usually focused on table games, so you can factor this cashback into your betting strategy. For example, in the most recent cashback weekend, we gave you 25% cashback on your losses up to €100. This means if you lose €400 over the course of the weekend, we would give you 25% back, making your losses only €300. It’s got to be the perfect promo for table players, especially if you’re testing out new betting strategies or are simply trying out new games.

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No Fear, No Problem

If you’re worried about your bankroll and keeping a close eye on it, you might be more tempted to fold a hand or keep plodding along with the same stakes. However, knowing you will get up to €100 back at the end of the weekend will let you throw caution to the wind and double down on those risky bets. More often than not, these huge gambles will pay off, resulting in a mega win. We’ve all had them and we will have many more in the future, so don’t let fear hold you back and play with the confidence you deserve!

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So, next time you see a cashback weekend, make sure you clear your plans and hit the tables. There are hundreds of epic table games on offer here at BitStarz, so give them a whirl and find the perfect table for you. Best of all, while you’re reaping the rewards from the cashback weekend and landing those mega wins, you will also earn points towards the Table Wars leaderboard. Place in the top 20 at the end of the week to win a slice of €1,000 – now that’s a bumper payday!