Win a New Tesla Model Y Right Here!

Gear up for what’s revving up at BitStarz! Yep, it’s time to give away another Tesla Model Y worth $52,000 to one of our players – is that player you?

Wanna get in the race? Easy – every game you play here brings you closer to the driver’s seat! For every $100 wagered on any game, you’ll collect 1 ticket into the prize draw.

It’s that simple. Plus, there’s no limit to your luck. Play as much as you want, collect as many tickets as you can, and check in for the results which we’ll announce in February 2024.

Hold on tight because this ride’s gonna be wild!

Still Tesla

This holiday season, I’m thankful for Tesla still being called Tesla, and not being renamed to something like, I don’t know, ‘X’.

Sometimes things just work. You know, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Guess that’s why we keep the good times rolling with our timeless Tesla giveaways. They’re a classic.

You probably know us for the insane Tesla Model 3s we usually have up for grabs, but more recently, we’ve dabbled in the fine art of giving away Tesla Model Ys, and you know what, we’re all for the SUV life too!

It’s the brand that speaks volumes. Who wouldn’t want a turbocharged, electric ride loaded with futuristic features? I bet nobody. The $52,000 Tesla Model Y could be yours! And here’s your battle plan…

Play For It

If you want to win the Tesla – then I’ve got the lowdown on exactly how to make it happen! Here’s the deal: entries to the Live Draw require at least one Tesla raffle ticket, and to get your hands on one (or a few), all it takes is a wager of $100 on any game here.

The more tickets you snag, the stronger your position becomes in the race towards claiming the Tesla. It’s all about collecting those tickets and amping up your chances of standing strong amongst your competitors.

What’s even better? Our Tesla giveaway coincides with the Santa’s Rush – Level Up adventure! While it wraps up a bit earlier, it’s a double win scenario.

You’ve got a shot at scoring not just the Tesla but also gripping $50,000 in individual prizes and a cool $20,000 in cash.

Win a Tesla Right Here!

Buckle up for another big giveaway at BitStarz! Your chance to win a Tesla Model Y worth $52,000 is just a play away.

Wager $100 on any of our 4,500+ games to secure your ticket into the prize draw. The more tickets you collect, the better your odds. Don’t miss out on the results announcement in February 2024!

See you on the flip side with those tickets in your hand 😉