Climb to the Top 100 for a Share of €100k With GameArt!

If you enjoyed GameArt’s Road to Christmas, stick around because we’re heading straight into the sickest showdown of the year with them in the Top 100 tournament.

It’s like the final boss level of 2023, where you can spin it out for a share of the massive €100,000 prize pool. From 29 December to 7 January, it’s not just about ringing in the New Year; it’s about winning big and starting 2024 with your pockets heavy and spirits high.

Whether you’re a slot-slinging pro or just in it for the kicks, The Top 100 is your chance to make some noise and grab a chunk of the cash. Let’s wrap up this year in style – GameArt style!

Prize Alert

GameArt’s gone all out this year with their huge Yeet & Sweet promotion, and the grand finale is no different! There’s a €100,000 prize pool, ready to be split among 100 winners.

Here’s how it goes: The top player gets €31,000, while the runner-up gets €19,000. Third place? €12,000. And hey, even if you’re resting between 51st and 100th place, you’re still pocketing €100. Not too shabby.

If you need more reason to get in the Top 100, then GameArt’s got it – because 5 of their coolest slot games qualify here! GameArt’s not holding back, and neither should you.

Climb To The Top 100

Here’s how to climb to the top in The Top 100 tournament: It’s all about stacking up leaderboard points, which you’ll earn by hitting winning streaks on GameArt’s participating games.

You need to bet at least €0.20 (or its equivalent) on each spin to be in the game. And, if you want to see your name on the leaderboard, then complete a minimum of 30 spins.

P.S. You can go for as many 30-spin cycles as you like, and your highest score is what’s going to count here. And don’t forget to keep an eye on the multipliers – they’re your ticket to getting points. You can check the tournament’s Ts & Cs for all the nitty-gritty details.

The Game Line-Up

Get right into the heart of the action with The Top 100’s handpicked game selection sure to get your New Year off to an adventurous start!

Choose from Lucky Coins slot, Nefertiti’s Nile slot, Rosh Immortality Cube Megaways slot, 20 Hot Fruit Delights slot, and Aladdin’s Quest slot – because each of these hold the golden key when it comes to point collecting.

GameArt apparently assigns games according to the tournament theme. I am not quite sure I’d pick an ancient Pharaoh to be my countdown buddy, but with a max win of over €220,000, I guess he’ll do.


So, here we are, at the end of one amazing ride and the start of another. The Top 100 is your ticket to kick off 2024 with a bang.

Just pick your favorite GameArt slots from the list, spin away, and who knows? You might just be the one of the lucky players walking away with a chunk of that €100,000.

Let’s make this New Year’s one to remember!