Win Big at the Dogs in Wildhound Derby Slot!

Heading down to the dogs and placing a few bets is one the great English pastimes, and it’s one that millions around the globe cherish. Whether your dad took you on a Sunday morning while mom cooked a roast or you simply headed down after one too many drinks with the lads, you always had a great time.

Now the action is coming right to your living room as you spin the reels in Wildhound Derby slot. Pick your favorite dog and cheer him on as he speeds to the finish line and victory. If you pick a winner, you can guarantee you’re in for a mega payday. So, let’s head on down to the track – who’s driving?

You’re Going to Need a Bigger Wallet

There are very few problems that having too much money causes, but one big headache is needing a bigger wallet – or a bigger wheelbarrow if you win big enough. That’s a trouble you’re going to face regularly when you’re spinning the reels in Wildhound Derby, so plan ahead and buy a massive wallet right now. With a cool 15,000x your stake up for grabs, the action has never been so intense. With a max bet of €50, you’re looking at bagging a huge win worth €750,000!

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Bag a Dog and Spin Till it Wins!

No game is complete without a good free spins mode, and Wildhound Derby has one of the most exciting free spins modes from 2020. Land a full set of dogs on the final reel and you will trigger the free spins mode. Once it begins, you have to pick a dog to back, and unfortunately, you can’t play the field. Each spin will give you a chance to win more coin, and the golden hare coins will cause the dogs to move forwards one space. The first dog to cross the finish line wins, if that dog is yours, you get to spin the winner’s wheel. The winners wheel lets you bag a multiplier for the wins you picked up in free spins mode!

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Wildhound Derby brings the action of the track to your living room or mobile device in ultra-high definition. The graphics, animations and commentary will keep you on your toes, giving you that authentic experience. Best of all, when you’re spinning the reels and cheering for your dog to win the race, you will earn points towards the Slot Wars leaderboard. Place in the top 30 at the end of the week and you will walk away with a cut of €1,000!