More Than $1 Million Lost by EOS dApps in Five Months

When it comes to successful blockchain networks, dApps help to drive popularity. The Ethereum Network kicked off the dApp trend with killer dApps like Crypto Kitties and Ethlance. Since then, other blockchain networks have followed suit and created their own dApp ecosystems.

Unfortunately, the dApps published on these other networks aren’t all as secure or well vetted when compared with those on the Ethereum Network. dApps on the EOS Network have lost more than $1 million in the past five months due to hacks in smart contracts and general bugs – a rather scary sum of money to lose.

EOSBet Leading the Way

EOSBet is a large contributor to this insane amount of lost money. It has been hacked twice in the past three months, both times due to flaws in its smart contracts. In the first attack,


Crypto Losses Could Save You a Fortune Come Tax Time

Thousands of people around the globe are sat watching the crypto markets spiral deeper and deeper into the red, along with their crypto investments. For many, this is a worrying and scary time, but there is a silver lining – you just have to think outside the box. The losses you have incurred during this bear market can be used to lower the taxes you have to pay come tax season, meaning you could potentially make your losses back in tax savings.

Jurisdictional Differences

Before we get you too excited about recovering your losses from the tax man, you need to make sure that your tax jurisdiction considers cryptocurrencies as an asset for the purpose of taxation.


Twice as Many Roulette Wheels Means Twice as Much Fun!

We’ve done the math, twice as many roulette wheels is at least double the fun of regular roulette. If you are up for a challenge, you can head on down to our live casino suite and try your hand at Duo Roulette. With streams available from the International Casino and the St Vincent Resort, you have the freedom to pick a game that suits your pace.

In duo roulette the rules are the same as regular roulette, only there are two wheels running in the same feed, meaning you can place twice as many bets from the same window – perfect for players who love roulette action.

Buckle Up for the Ultimate Roulette Experience

We will be honest with you; due roulette isn’t for the faint-hearted – keeping track of bets on two tables at once can be rather tricky.


John McAfee Turns Bearish as He Creates Dick Eating Backup Plan

Back in July 2017, John McAfee made one of the most outrageous bets ever seen in the crypto world. He said that if Bitcoin isn’t worth $1 million per coin by 2020 he will eat his dick live on national television. McAfee felt very confident as the price continued to rise throughout 2017, but as soon as 2018 hit McAfee knew he was in trouble. In a series of Tweets, McAfee looked to address this bet and create a backup plan just in case Bitcoin didn’t make his grandiose prediction.

if not, I will eat my dick on national television.

— John McAfee (@officialmcafee)


Bitmain Shuts Down its Israel Office

Bitmain has been looking worse for wear for a number of months. Things now appear to be going from bad to worse for the Chinese crypto mining hardware manufacturer. The company is facing two high-profile legal battles, as well as a decline in sales in North America following a hike on import taxes of Chinese goods. On top of this, Bitmain has also allegedly lost more than $740 million in the bear market after making several bad investment decisions. The news of Bitmain shutting its operations in Israel is simply another nail in the coffin for the struggling hardware manufacturer.


Sirin Labs is in Serious Financial Trouble… Allegedly

The makers of the world’s first blockchain mobile telephone look like they could be in some serious financial trouble. In an interview with Bloomberg, Moshe Hogeg – Sirin Labs CEO – said that it only has enough money to run for around six to twelve months following the price collapse of Ethereum. It raised $158 million back in December 2017 from an ICO, but that fortune is now worth around $16 million after development costs and damages from the bearish crypto markets.

Huge Marketing Bills

For a firm that is allegedly in financial trouble, it’s not smart hiring one of the highest paid footballers in the world to be your brand ambassador. Sirin Labs have hired Lionel Messi – the Barcelona striker – to be the official brand ambassador for the Sirin Labs Finney mobile phone.


History’s Greatest Roulette Winners

Roulette is one of the few games at a casino that can be played with little or no prior knowledge of the game necessary. Even a newly landed alien would pick up the concept after a spin of the wheel. There have been a few big winners since Blaize Pascal first came up with the concept in the 1600s, and here we document a few of history’s highest, and most interesting, rollers.

Sean Connery (1963) – $27,000

In 1963, fresh from filming the second James Bond film ‘From Russia With Love’, Sean Connery headed to a casino in Saint-Vincent, Italy. There he stopped by the roulette table and put an unknown amount of money on 17. It didn’t hit. He tried 17 again. It didn’t hit. He tried 17 a third time. This time it hit. Instead of walking away, Connery did something stupid – he put everything on 17 again. It hit again.


Cointext and Bitcoin Cash Buddy Up to Offer SMS Transactions

Bitcoin Cash has taken a big step towards putting the hashing war dispute behind it by teaming up with CoinText, a cryptocurrency wallet that allows users to send digital assets to each other via text message. This means that Bitcoin Cash can now be sent to anyone with a mobile phone capable of handling SMS text messages, which is essentially any phone produced in the last twenty years. In adding Bitcoin Cash to their platform, CoinText also added two new countries to their roster, Ukraine and Italy, taking the tally to 35 countries. This huge development means users are able to send Bitcoin Cash to each other without requiring an internet connection, ensuring that those without smartphones are not left behind in the cryptocurrency revolution.


Bitstarz News Exclusive Interview – Chief x42 Officer

Established dApp platforms are facing up and coming challengers, many of whom are currently under the radar
x42 recently came 4th out of 64 in a Twitter tournament, despite being relatively unknown by all except its legion of committed supporters
x42 represents “the future” of blockchain platforms – fast, free and scalable
The platform will be powered by masternodes in 2019

Ethereum has long been the go-to blockchain app development platform, but new entrants to the dApp space have been emerging over the years to offer some competition. We all know about the big players like NEO, EOS and Tron, but less well-known competitors are also starting to make waves. One of these,


Maduro: Venezuela Will Only Accept Petro for Oil Payments

Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro has announced that payments for all oil exports will eventually only be payable via the nation’s cryptocurrency, the Petro, further fueling concerns about the economic prospects of the already financially ravaged country. Media outlet teleSUR also announced that the change is likely to occur as early as March 2019 and will remove Venezuela from the US dollar-denominated hydrocarbon market, presenting another way to sidestep US sanctions. The announcement came after Maduro met with Russian president Vladimir Putin to discuss trade options.

“Total Success” or Abject Failure?

The Petro has led an interesting existence since it was announced in December of 2017.