Get Stunning Wins with Beauty Fruity

If there’s one thing more welcoming than an exotic island with waves gently lapping at the shore it’s having a beautiful woman waiting for you. And if there’s one thing better than THAT then it’s having that beautiful woman ready to hand out bucketloads of coins. That’s what awaits with Beauty Fruit slot from Wazdan, a slot packed with juicy bonuses, sweet wins, and a couple of extras to really get your teeth into.

Fire up the Fruity

Beauty Fruity slot is a 3×3 slot with reimagined classic symbols like cherries, oranges, plums, and 7s, with some juicy fruit sweets also playing an important part. The bet amount ranges from 1-100, with your coin value (1-10) being multiplied by 10 to give your total bet amount.


Form Your Party, Beat the Boss and Win Big in Dungeon Quest!

Dungeon quests used to be reserved for small parties of friends playing in their mom’s basement, but now even you can take part in a dungeon quest. Spin the reels in Dungeon Quest Slot to transport yourself into an underground adventure in search of big wins and mega bosses. Defeat the boss and uncover the treasure to be in with a chance of winning a life changing stash of cash.

Questing for Wins

Whether you’re the paladin, mage, thief or ranger, you’re needed in this epic quest for mega wins. We’re delving deep into the dungeon for the chance of bagging 100x your original stake. No matter your class type, you too can be the hero of the quest and ensure it’s a successful one.

Unlock the Power Stone

If you want to become the high-scoring party member, you’re going to need to harness the power of the Power Stone.


Are You Hot 4 Cash?

The 70s are calling with Hot 4 Cash slot, a platform sole-wearing, afro-swaying, neon-filled slot from Nolimit City that will have you reaching for the bell bottoms and spinning those reels with abandon, all in the hope of taking home 100,000 coins. Before you can make a fool of yourself on the dancefloor, let’s see what it’s all about.


Roll Back the Years

Hot 4 Cash slot is a classic fruit slot with a couple of twists – the reels feature the traditional cherry and 7 symbols, but only one further symbol, a jewel, joins them in the base game. The game still has 10 paylines despite only featuring three symbols, with the reels having an interesting 2-3-3-3-2 formation. Bets of $0.


Take Your Fortune into Your Own Hands in Coins of Fortune Slot!

Chinese history has taught us that coins can be made of any material and still hold incredible value. It’s the shapes inside of the coins that denote the value of the coin rather than the material it’s made of. Explore the fascinating world of ancient currency in Coins of Fortune Slot and be in the with the chance of winning huge stacks of cash.

Fortunes up For Grabs

What better way to kick off your weekend than by bagging an insane amount of cash from a single spin? If fortune is on your side and you manage to collect the right coins, you can bag yourself a massive 500x your original stake. This is a colossal win that will set your balance books right and give you a chance to explore China on your own terms – a trip well worth taking.

Nudging the Dragon

There are plenty of bonus features up for grabs in Coins of Fortune.


Grand Theft Auto V’s Playable Casino Results in Worldwide Bans

A key element of Grand Theft Auto V’s updated online offering has been banned in 50 countries after it was judged to have broken gambling laws. The update, called Diamond Casino and Resort and released three weeks ago, drops a full-on casino and resort into the online world which allows players to play casino games for virtual GTA chips. The groundbreaking feature sees players able to enter the fictional casino and sit down to popular casino games such as roulette, blackjack, poker, and even some slot machines, which a number of countries have taken exception to.

50 Countries Ban Chip Purchases

After purchasing GTA chips at around $1.50 for 50,000, players can play a number of staple casino games as well as betting on virtual horse racing, all with the aim of increasing their stash.


Speed Your Way to Victory in Fruit’O Mania with These Top Tips

Fruit’O Mania is the hottest event of the summer here at BitStarz, and we know how much you want to win that trip to Las Vegas. All you have to do is blast through 40 levels and be the first player to reach the finish line to bag yourself and one guest a luxurious trip of a lifetime all the way to Las Vegas. On top of this epic trip, there is €50,000 in individual prize pools up for grabs, so even if you don’t make it to Vegas there are tons of goodies for you to scoop up.


Rock Out and Win Big in Parrot Rock Slot!

Parrots are the smartest birds on the planet and now they’re getting musical. These jazzy parrots have decided to gaggle together and form a rock band – best of all, they want you to be their lead vocals. That doesn’t really come as a surprise though because parrots can’t sing. Head on tour with the parrots in Parrot Rock Slot and become superstars for your chance to win unbelievable amounts of cash!

Rocking the Wins

For some reason, rock stars always seem to have the most fun with the money they make, so it’s fitting that you’re joining a rock band. If you can woo the crowd and get them on their feet, you can bag yourself a fantastic 150x your original stake – not bad for an afternoon on stage with the gang.


How to Pick the Right Mobile Casino

Finding the right mobile casino is crucial to your enjoyment and success, which means you should be looking at a number of criteria before you decide where to play. Factoring in variables such as the type of games you can play, the deposit and cashout facilities, customer service, and site security will ensure that your time spent playing at a mobile casino is a rich, rewarding one. Some mobile casinos like BitStarz will have this information on their website, but if you can’t find it then it pays to ask rather than make a potentially expensive mistake.

Game Selection

Many mobile casino sites are standard online casino sites optimized for a mobile device, with more and more having a ‘smartphone first’ mentality, meaning they have been designed first and foremost to work on smartphones.


Reach for the Stars and Win Big in Magic Stars 3 Slot!

Stars are pretty magical, giant balls of gas and nuclear fusion floating around in space billions of lightyears away, yet we can still see them twinkling every time the sun sets. Nobody has ever gone to see the stars, with the Moon being the furthest anyone has ever been away from Earth.

Now it’s your chance to reach for the stars and head on an intergalactic trip in search of new life, big wins and sparkly stars in Magic Stars 3 Slot.

Interstellar Wins up For Grabs

The wins up for grabs in Magic Stars 3 are nothing short of incredible, and we know you’re going to love them. If it’s your lucky day, you can back a colossal 4,000 coins from a single payline. There are 5 paylines available, meaning from a single spin you can potentially win an awful lot of cash.


Ride Your Way to Riches with Our New Slots

Surf’s up, and there are prizes galore in this week’s collection of cool new slots. The sea is full of six-figure coin wins, three-figure multipliers, free spins, bonus games, jackpots, and more…just ride the waves and hope you don’t fall off before you reach the shore. So lets wax up our boards, stick on our wetsuits, and paddle out to where the biggest wins can be found.

Surfin’ Reels Slot – Booming Games

Life’s a beach with Surfin’ Reels slot from Booming Games, a relaxed, summery slot that will have you dreaming of golden sands and big waves as you spin the reels in search of even bigger wins. Stop off at the surf shack and see if you can use the various multipliers, extras, and free spins on offer to land any of the four jackpots available to you, or grab up to 50x your bet.