Ripple Attempts to Make Inroads into the Chinese Market

Talk to anyone in the cryptocurrency sector about Ripple and you’ll be met with some pretty negative responses – just look at the recent Bill Clinton announcement should you need proof. XRP is looked down upon more often than not, with most arguing that it’s more of a security than a digital currency. It’s hard to argue against that in all honesty, as the pessimism attached to Ripple and XRP is in many ways warranted.


ICOs Can Prove Their Legitimacy Under New EU Rules

One of an ICO investors’ greatest fears will be that a coin purchase turns out to be a scam, with this actually putting a lot of people off investing. This in turn stops money flowing to truly deserving ICOs that are legitimate and have amazing potential. Under new EU crowdfunding regulations – which could extend to some ICOs – companies seeking to raise money through crowdfunding would need to disclose information regarding the conduct of business, risk management, due diligence, and information.


Ethereum Smart Contract Language Backed by Top Investment Firms

The crypto industry has been waiting for an Ethereum compatible smart contracting language to enable formal verification and it has finally arrived. AxLang has been designed for the world’s largest financial institutions and forms part of the Axoni blockchain. It has been tipped to become the blockchain of choice for almost $11 trillion of credit derivatives and forex trades.


Playboy Takes Blockchain Company to Court Over Contract Breach

Playboy is taking a Canadian blockchain firm to court over allegations that it didn’t supply the company with a digital currency wallet to facilitate transactions as promised. In addition to this, Global Blockchain Technologies (GBT) was also meant to integrate the Vice Industries Token (VIT) into Playboy’s various online media sites, however allegedly this has not been completed.


BitStarz News Exclusive Interview with Cubits’ Max Krupyshev

Cubits has become a crypto sector mainstay, with many outlets making it the crypto payment platform of choice.
Speaking on the recent run of industry hacks and security breaches, Max Krupyshev – Cubits’ Head of Crypto Business – revealed, “It [is] our mission to educate all clients/partners and employees about being careful and staying alert to suspicious activity.


Kim Dotcom Predicts the End of USD and Says “Buy Bitcoin”

Kim Dotcom is once again in the spotlight, this time he is backing Bitcoin to overthrow USD as a currency and to take over the world. He was the mind behind the file-sharing site Megaupload and was involved in of one of the largest copyright lawsuits ever taken to court. This time around he believes that a market crash on Wall Street is going to destroy the USD and is urging his followers to hedge their investments by getting themselves some Bitcoin.


Venezuela Announces Plan to Introduce Petro as National Currency

The Petro is one of the most controversial cryptocurrencies in existence, as it was created simply to circumvent economic sanctions. It is allegedly pegged to the price of one Venezuelan barrel of oil, but its white paper shows no method for how this works. As hyperinflation in Venezuela climbs to new all-time highs, the country is desperately looking for ways to escape a total economic collapse. Nicolas Maduro – President of Venezuela – has already used the


Jamaican Stock Exchange Announces Crypto and Token Trading

The Jamaican Stock Exchange (JSE) has teamed up with Blockstation to enable trading of cryptocurrencies and tokens within a recognized and regulated framework. The JSE searched globally for the perfect partner to bring crypto to the Jamaican market and decided to use Blockstation’s technology.


Square Rolls Out Cash App Across All 50 US States

Square – the mobile cryptocurrency payment provider – has been riding a tidal wave of momentum lately. Just recently they were discussing the potential for creating 2 million new Bitcoin merchants, with the company also revealing that its profits doubled in the last quarter. This level of growth is almost unprecedented within the


Turkish Citizens Run to Bitcoin in Fear of Lira Collapse

Turkey is the latest country to come under fire from a US trade war. Its fiat currency – the Turkish Lira – has fallen more than 40% against the USD so far this year, and its concerned residents are not hanging around to see if it slides even further. Similarly to what we have seen in Venezuela and Iran – two other nations crippled by US sanctions – its citizens are turning to cryptocurrencies as their saving grace.