Let’s Get Moving With BitStarz Sport Slots!

Sports and exercise is a major part of many peoples lives. It’s great for the body but it may be even greater for your mind. Moving around and pushing your body produces endorphins which has a tremendous positive effect on how we feel. We are well aware of the lack of time could be a strong reason for many not being able to move around too much, so what better way to produce some of these endorphins than by living it up in the world of sports but from the safety of your own couch. Let’s take a look at some of our slots that may help you with this.

Tennis Champions

With the ATP Finals tournament coming up in London next month, how about we take a look at this fascinating sport they call tennis.

BitStarz Slot Jetsetter Leads The Way Towards Life in Luxury!

There are proper jetsetters and then there are the self-proclaimed jetsetters. In the days of Instagram, robot followers and Photoshop it seems as if every other person out there are able to live up to those criterias – whatever they are. It’s a ridiculous fantasy for most people but a way of life for others. We were eager to figure out a way to get there and we wanted to share this with you, so hold on tight!

Miami Vice Vibe

With a soundtrack that will bring you back to the original Miami Vice, starring the legendary Don Johnson as the bad ass cop, Sonny Crocket, this enticing Jetsetter slot comes direct from the team at Endorphina. Packing 5 reels and 20 juicy paylines, boats, sports cars, private jets and the obligatory blonde bombshell are all in attendance, just as in the true ways of a jetsetter.


5 BitStarz Slots That’ll Have You Feeling the Fiesta!

Don’t siesta, come and fiesta! BitStarz is blasting the music and hitting the streets of Mexico. To properly get us into the mood, we hereby want to give you the opportunity to do the same. Although there are plenty of ways to transport yourself into the appropriate mindset, these are some of our favorite slots that does the trick and get us there in no time.

5 Mariachis

We love the uniqueness of a Mariachi Band. What better way to kick off our Mexico theme than with this charming bunch. These folk heroes have brought so much joy to the people and whether you enjoy their music or not, you can’t argue the fun these entertainers add to the Mexican culture. Over the top and larger than life is a pretty fair description.

5 Mariachis slot from Habanero lives up to its reputation and delivers a top of the line authentic Mexican vibe.


BitStarz Strikes Again – Another Big Win of More Than €70,000!

Lightning has struck again and BitStarz is extremely excited about sharing our latest massive win with all of you. This time around, one of our lucky players cashed in on a mouthwatering win of €73,260.94 on one single spin on Pixies vs Pirates slot. A hook for a hand, a patch over your eye or a proper peg leg aside, that’s what we call a treasure fitting of a pirate. BitStarz is sending you a massive congratulations!

Swing Your Sword and Get Away With the Gold

BitStarz latest big winner waved his sword around and fought the pirates in the Pixies vs Pirates slot. This high powered slot consists of 6 reels and 726 paylines.


How to Make the Most of the Epic BitStarz Welcome Bonus!

The BitStarz welcome bonus is a legend in online casino circles, but if you take full advantage of the perks on offer, you can give yourself a huge boost when you first sign up at BitStarz. We’re super nice people here at BitStarz, so we’re going to drop the juiciest tips to help you take full advantage and start your BitStarz life like a rock star!

Make Sure You Deposit Enough

The most important tip we can give you is to make sure you deposit enough to take full advantage of the cash. Over your first four deposits, you can bag yourself up to €500/5BTC. On your first deposit, you can get a 100% bonus up to €100/1BTC, so make sure you deposit at least €100/1BTC on your first deposit to get €200/2BTC in your account. Then, on your second deposit you can get up to €100/1BTC at a 50% bonus.


Uncover Mysterious Wins in Relic Hunters and the Book of Faith!

There is something incredibly exciting about Egyptian themed games. Whether it’s because they’re usually packed with incredible wins or the stunning graphics, we cannot decide, but one thing is for certain – we love them.

Get ready to delve deep into dungeons in the latest installment from the Relic Hunters series, as we search for truly legendary wins in Relic Hunters and the Book of Faith Slot. This has to be one of the best Egyptian games every made, just saying!

We’re Going to Need a Bigger Boat…

Wins come in all shapes and sizes, but Wazdan are treating you to a truly legendary max win as you spin the reels in Relic Hunters and the Book of Faith. There are oodles of bonus games that will help you crank up your wins, with the max win from a single spin coming in at a breathtaking 705x your stake.


5 Crazy Stories From the World of Casinos!

Some of the craziest myths, legends and stories comes from the world of casinos. In some cases they really are mind-blowing. From someone cashing in on $25 million on a slot to atomic bomb parties, we’ve heard it all. That’s why you should “lend us your ear” as the old saying goes, as from being in the know we can share some of these stories with you, purely as entertainment, of course.

The Founder of FedEx Saved the Company by Gambling in Vegas

Let’s start with an inspiring story for all aspiring gamblers and small business owners. The founder of FedEx, managed to save his struggling company by heading to Vegas. While there, he managed to earn $27,000 playing blackjack. The now massive company was down to its last $5,000 when Frederick Smith made the decision to fly to the Nevada desert in 1973 to risk it all.


Hear the Roaring Wilds from Rainforest Magic!

How cool wouldn’t it be to live deep in the rainforest, away from city life, clear from iPhones, no social media and the stress of working late hours only to barely scrape by? Okay, so living there for eternity might be overkill, but at least for a few months in order to recharge and get a break from all the noise it might be worth a try. Imagine the immense wild life, all the wonderful healing plants, the enticing smells and sounds all around.

Now that we have mentally transported you there, let’s enhance your experience with one of our latest slots – Rainforest Magic slot from Play’n Go.

Flower Picking Can Get You Paid

This soothing slot is a 5-reel, 25-payline will whisk you away from reality and give you a well deserved mental break from everyday life.


Playing at an Online Casino is the Best, and Here is Why!

You might call us biased, but playing at an online casino is the best casino experience you can possibly have. Sure, that’s a pretty bold statement, but we’re determined to prove to you just how much fun you can have at an online casino. While you might not get to see semi-nude women dancing around poles while you spin the reels, or get to chat up the local talent while playing blackjack like a pro, you can still get your hands on some pretty epic action.

So, let’s try and show you just how much fun you can have at an online casino and why they’re the best!

You Don’t Have to Wait for Your Favorite Games!

Let’s say you’re out at your local casino and there is this one particular slot that you want to play but there is someone already on it…. Dun, dun dun; it’s the end of the world. See, had you opted to head over to the beautiful


5 BitStarz Slots That Will Tickle Your Las Vegas Tastebuds!

Whether you have ever been fortunate enough to visit Las Vegas or not, we all have a pretty clear idea of what that vibe might feel like. Glitz, glamour, slots, neon lights, strip clubs, shows and everything on offer being nothing but the absolute best.

What would you say if we said BitStarz can spark up that atmosphere for you, without having to get on a plane? Here are a few ways we can help you feel that famous Sin City vibe.

Mr Vegas

We can’t even imagine how many men across the world have strived towards or even having considered themselves as being Mr Vegas. What a joke! It’s time for all of these imposters to step aside and get a good look at this slot from Betsoft featuring the undisputed Mr Vegas slot in the flesh. Just have a look at the intro for this fun-loving slot and you will know what we’re talking about.