Blast Off to the Moon with Rocket Dice

Rocket Dice from BGaming is a simple yet potentially high-paying dice-based game that doesn’t take much skill to play, making it a great option for anyone that’s looking for a less complicated table game. This visually appealing version has slick graphics that replicate a real dice throw satisfyingly well, and has a couple of extra features to help you increase your wins.

Rocket Dice might not initially appear to be an all-thrills affair, but as they say, never judge a book by its cover…

Up or Down?

Rocket Dice uses two ordinary six-sided dice, and the player bets whether the next roll will be under or over any total from 3 to 11. The win amount depends on the bet, as shown in the below table, with ties resulting in a loss.


Get Ready to Party in Lemur Does Vegas Easter Edition!

The lemurs are back and this time they’re taking you on an epic Easter trip around Las Vegas. Last time we headed to Vegas with the lemurs it was certainly a night to remember – shame we can’t remember a thing. Packed full of big wins, dancing animals, plenty of cocktails, and a dash of partying – Lemur Does Vegas Easter Edition Slot is an epic game that you’re going to want to sink your teeth into this Easter weekend.

Massive Wins Up for Grabs

No doubt you’ve heard stories about people heading to Vegas and winning a crazy amount of cash, but Lemur Does Vegas Easter Edition makes that dream become a reality. Without any bonuses or multipliers in effect, the max win you can take away from a single spin is 60x your original stake.


Celebrate Easter with the BitStarz Easter Bonanza

Everyone enjoys a good Easter egg hunt, while we can’t promise you hordes of chocolate, we can offer you something pretty special this weekend with an egg-straordinary selection of bonuses. Across three days we’re giving you three bumper bonuses to enjoy, meaning you can get your hands on free spins and rocking reload bonuses – how cool is that?

Forget about the chocolate and boring family dinners, it’s time to spin those reels!

Fresh Offers Every Day of Easter

Just like eggs, awesome promotions are cracking – okay, that’s a horrible pun, but you get what we mean. We are giving you three different promotions – one for each day of Easter. Friday will see us handing out a 50% reload bonus, just deposit €20 to make sure you can grab the bonus cash.

As we head into Saturday we’re giving you the chance to bag a 100% reload bonus, same €20 minimum deposit applies.


Sniff out Explosive Wins With Durian Dynamite!

Durian has a well-earned reputation as the world’s smelliest fruit, but you’ll put up with it for any amount of time should Durian Dynamite, a brilliant new slot from Quickspin, help you fill your bank balance. This 3D-rendered and nicely animated slot takes place in a fruit pressing factory straight out of a Dr Seuss book and features 5 fruity reels and 20 paylines to help make the durian a little easier to swallow.

Want to know how to navigate the pumps, pipes, and presses and take home the wins? Allow us to explain…

Preparing the Fruit

Start the game by toggling your bet size, which you can do at the bottom of the grid. Choose how much you want to wager between $0.20 and $100 per spin. All the lines are fixed, so this means that your selected bet is wager for all these lines.


Tame the Beasts and Win Big in 5 Lucky Lions Slot!

In Chinese symbolism, a lion represents strength, protection, valor, and energy – the perfect combination of characteristics when you’re chasing a big win! The lions in Chinese symbolism are cute and cuddly looking animals – a far cry from the wild big cats on the planes of sub-Saharan Africa. So, team up with these cuddly critters – and the chubby symbol bashing monk – to take home some truly epic wins in 5 Lucky Lions Slot!

5 Times the Luck

One lion might bring you a bit of luck, but 5 takes your luck to a whole new level. Every time you spin the reels, the lions will be dancing and playing until it’s time to strike. The red lion pays out the most of all lions with a cool 2,000 coins, while the green lion will bless you with a solid 1,200 coins. However, the big wins don’t end there – oh no.


Take Flight and Win Big with Wild Worlds

Wild Worlds, a new slot from NetEnt, features a new breed of superheroes ready to save the world – birds, to be exact. This humorous and charming 5-reel slot comes with great payouts, monster bosses, brilliant animations, and a treasure trove of bonuses and extra features. The premise revolves around three superhero birds taking on a variety of space monsters in order to keep their planet safe, and make you rich while doing it.

If you’re looking for adventure, laughs, and a handsome payday then read on – as Wild Worlds has it all!

Firing up the Thrusters

Prepare for battle by setting your bet. Here you can choose to wager between one to ten bet levels, and you can set your coin value between $0.01 and $2. Since there are no paylines in Wild Worlds, the default bet is 20x your selected wager.


Luck Out and Win Big in Lucky Stripes Slot!

If you’re looking for the most creative and innovative game around, you’re going to want to check out Lucky Stripes Slot. It’s a wild, reel-spinning extravaganza that will have you winning massive amounts of coins in no time. Packed with a variety of cool features, this is one slot you’re not going to want to miss out on.

Get ready, here comes Lucky Stripes, one of the best slots around at the moment!

100x Wins on Offer

Payouts aren’t fixed or limited by symbols like in a lot of other games out there, but instead are influenced by your wager. That’s right, Lucky Stripes is all about the multiplier payout. This means the higher your wager, this higher your payout will be. Ranging from a 2x multiplier all the way to a whopping 100x – the multiplier wins are truly out of this world in this hot slot.


3 Slots Where Luck Really is a Lady

Lady Luck naturally plays a large part in casino folklore, with her favors being requested in casinos around the world on a regular basis. Unlike other mystical creatures she hasn’t yet been given a universal physical form, which has allowed video slot makers to imagine her in their own interpretations. Here we profile three slots where Lady Luck has been used as a central character in very different ways, but each of which is waiting to grant you her top prize – a large payout!

Lucky Lady Slot – iSoftBet

Lucky Lady slot from iSoftBet is reminiscent of an old-school 3-reel, 5-payline slot machine, with cherries, BARs, bells, and 7s on the reels, as well as Lady Luck herself.


Turn Your Fortune Around and Win Big in Turn Your Fortune!

There is something exciting about loading up the latest NetEnt game – they just have this character and personality that appeals to us. What better way to help kick off the week than with the latest NetEnt game and the power to turn your fortunes around? Turn Your Fortune Slot boasts it all – great gameplay, massive wins, stunning animations, and more free spins than you can shake a stick at.

Get ready, we’re about to turn our fortunes around and you’re about to walk out of here with pockets full of cash!

Multipliers are the Key

The biggest wins come from the epic bonus modes available in Turn Your Fortune, so line up those shiny peacock scatter symbols and head into free spins mode with Fortune Wins on top.


Fortune Favors the Brave in Fortune Diamond!

It’s Monday and the new week blues are in full swing. What if we told you there is an epic 200,000 coins up for grabs from every single spin? No, you’re not dreaming. You can win up to 200,000 from every spin when you play Fortune Diamond Slot – the online casino game everyone is talking about right now.

Forget about the late train, the miserable weather, and the Monday blues, win yourself a massive pile of coins instead!

Uncovering a Fortune

There is no doubt about it, 200,000 coins is an awful lot of money. Landing five of a kind combined with a 10x wild multiplier will help you take home the top prize. These multiplier wilds will quickly have you racking up big wins, as they frequently appear on reel five.