5 Quickspin Slots That You NEED to Start Playing

If you are hesitant about new adventures and taking risks, then perhaps you should stop reading right now. For the rest of us, we are heading out on a journey amongst volcanoes, sword fighting, and frog kissing, before we end up in the Hidden Valley. We are only able to do this thanks to our valuable partner Quickspin, who continues to bring us the most action-packed slots – like the five we’ve featured below.

Volcano Riches

When volcanoes erupt or other crazy natural phenomenons happen, it is always referred to by insurance companies as Force Majeure, meaning an Act of God. Well, we would love if there was a Force Majeure that ended with a volcanic eruption of money. In Volcano Riches slot perhaps this will come true for all of us. With a suiting Hawaiian theme including totems and dancers, the true hero of this slot is the fire goddess. You will see her really come alive when the eruption spews out the big cash. Huge wins, free spins and wilds, let this Force Majeure work in your favor and let’s roll!


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The Grand

The Grand slot transports you to the 1920s with 6 reels and 214 paylines displayed in an authentic Art Deco style. Gems in various colors and spades, clubs, diamonds and hearts are the main characters but presented in the classiest of ways. The free spins are many and all over the place, which is freaking fabulous. Landing 3 bonus symbols will kick start the party and during the free spins, there are extra features that will help you boost your winnings to the absolute top. The Sync, Nudge, and Wilds are showing off their powers and you will be smiling from ear to ear when the big wins start lining up!


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Royal Frog 120

One must kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince. That’s how the saying goes, but what about if the frog is already royal? Royal Frog 120 slot will take you for an adventure across 5 reels and 40 paylines. In this slot you will not only have to settle for just one lucky green frog, but you will also see 3 in different colors so your odds of winning are much higher. Land the bonus symbols and get to the fruitful free spins, where the wilds and multipliers are literally falling from the sky.


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Three Musketeers

We wanted to be musketeers when we were kids. We thought it was so cool watching movies and reading books while dreaming about being one of these heroic characters. Finally, we are presented with the opportunity to at least get a bit closer to being part of them through Three Musketeers slot and perhaps there is a reason our favorite was always D’Artagnan, who was the outsider. Sharpen your sword and get ready to take your spot on the team and fight for free spins, stacked symbols and multipliers!


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Hidden Valley 120

Welcome to the wilderness or shall we say Hidden Valley 120 slot. This adventure takes place in a beautiful setting in the deep forest across a 3-4-4-4-3 reel setup and 40 paylines. This game is as wild as it gets, much due to the immense amount of wilds and we absolutely love it. Besides the extra wilds, the Bonus Wheel is a nice addition before opening the doors to the free spins. Spin the wheel and find out your fate and number of free spins. Turn it into a game with yourself if you would like and just close your eyes, guess and see if your gut gives you the right answer.


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Spin It to Win It!

The adventures are plentiful with Quickspin and you will find plenty more slots from them in our BitStarz lobby. We had a great time spinning these reels and we are convinced you will as well. After all, you have to spin it to win it!

Just a heads up. Depending on where you are in the world, some geographical restrictions may apply.