BitStarz Player Wins MASSIVE $280,000 on Fruit Party Slot!

Boom, BitStarz strikes again! It wasn’t even a week ago we could hear the victorious scream coming from one of our many lucky player homes, as the player landed a €200,100 monster win on Crazy Time. Can you imagine a win like that not even being the biggest win of the week? This is because another lucky BitStarz player just snagged a colossal $280,000 on Fruit Party slot, on one single spin. Cha-ching!

We have been dishing out one big win after another and bringing joy to our players is the fuel to our BitStarz machinery, with two wins of this magnitude within just a few days, 2020 is looking really sharp!

A Few Words From the Winner

The lucky player himself wanted to share his experience with you and as you can see, it’s a roller coaster of emotions that players go through with a win of this magnitude.

Q – What Just Happened?

A – Yeah, it was crazy! I was in bed and couldn’t sleep so I thought I’d have a few spins and see what happens. I couldn’t believe it when the apples came up with the x symbol on all of them. 5,000x is a crazy multiplier on a $56 stake, so I pretty much lost my mind, I couldn’t believe I won the max on a single spin, not even in free spins.

If you are wondering what this epic win looked like, check out the action in this video:

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An Injection of Positivity

Fruit Party slot is one of our latest releases and right away it delivered a mammoth win. We have previously described the game as an “injection of positivity to your day” and considering what just happened we were pretty spot on, don’t you think?

The game, being one of our most colorful slots, it’s only fitting that it added a whole bunch of color to our winner. It’s a remarkable 7×7 grid slot with all the juicy fruit you will ever need and when our big winner is living proof that you can get your hands on the smash hit 5,000x multiplier, all you have to do is start spinning!

Win the Big Bucks!

It gives us such a heartwarming feeling when our players get to experience big wins and considering the hot streak we seem to be on at the moment, you may want to jump on the bandwagon of winners and spin while the iron is glowing hot.

With all our slots, table games, jackpots and promotions, including our epic Tesla Model 3 Giveaway, you have a ton of options to take home a massive payout like this. Listen to what your gut feeling tells you and just go for it.

A massive BitStarz congratulations goes out to the lucky winner and fingers crossed, next time you could be the one celebrating! 🎉