$83,233 BIG WIN: A Dynamite Win Hit On Gunspinner Slot!

Bang bang… A BitStarz player shot down an $83,233 win over the weekend! Can someone give this person a Bells? They hit it big on a slot that everyone forgot.

Gunspinner slot is vanilla as hell and older too. But someone pulled it out, dusted it off, loaded it up, and landed fine loot!  

When I heard about this win, I took a look at this slot… And immediately burst out laughing. Damn, the sheriff/outlaw dude chilling on the screen is funny, and he’s a stage 5 clinger, I’ll tell you!  

He’s there, just swaying, with zero emotion. If there was ever a random cowboy wax figure that’ll watch you in weirdness – it’s this guy. Ready to meet him?

A Wild West expansion pack for The Sims? 

Booming Games, what happened to your gunspinner? He looks like a really bad attempt at art – and is the epitome of that ‘what I asked for vs. what I got’ Tik Tok challenge. LOL. 

Did you just create someone’s dad on Sims and purchase the Western expansion pack? It’s cool if you did. But graphically, it’s circa 2000 and kind of (I mean very) boring. 

The dude sways there stiffly like he’s having a ‘let’s see how long we can hold our breath for competition’ – with himself. 

I can rag on about how old-school this slot is all day, but it made someone $83,233 richer, and that has given me food for thought! It might be time to dive deep into the archives of my favorite older slots and give them a good spinaroo.  


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Let’s talk about the ammunition that’s available 

A win like this doesn’t just appear out of nowhere, unlike my ex. This game packs power when it comes to features, although don’t expect anything too exciting. If you’re looking for Hold & Wins, Megaways, Coin Respins or anything of the new-age sort, you won’t find it here.  

You’ll find Free Spins, a Random Bonus Reel, and some hay? It certainly was enough for BitStarz big winner, that’s for sure. And it could be enough for you. Besides, a blowing tumbleweed bonus can’t do anything for you without having luck on your side. 

Like in all casino games, you’ll need to load up on luck and blast those big wins out of the water, or Wild West Bank in this case. 


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Load up on luck and explosive features

Our glorious gunspinner holds dynamite in his hands, and when he feels like it, he’ll light the fuse and throw it onto the reels to ignite a Random Bonus Reel spark.  

This adds a mixture of 3 special symbols to leverage off, including Wilds, Wild Multipliers, Scatters, and Major Paying Symbols. This feature is available in both the base and bonus games, so that’s cool. 

The free spins game in Gunspinner slot makes for a great haul too! Landing 3 Scatters on the reels awards 10 Free Spins with Locked Wilds in play.

This means that every time a Wild lands on the reels, our gunspinner will throw a knife to keep it in place for the duration of the bonus game. Collect them… This could mean mega money – and possibly what brought the new big winning sheriff to town! 


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Gunspinner has enough gold bars for everyone 

Jealous of this winner, compadre? Don’t be because you can play Gunspinner slot right now and shoot for your own Wild West wins. 

Yeah, the graphics are humdrum, but the features are fuelled with dynamite potential. The proof is in the pistol; just this weekend, someone won bags of cash! 

Wanna be next? Go for it. And good luck, player!