Activate Stealth Mode for Crack the Bank Hold and Win Slot!

I’m not really into prison-themed things… Papillion was damn good; I will say that. But after much peer pressure, I have succumbed to watching Love After Lockup on Netflix.

Could I date an armed robber who has spent 18 years in the slammer? Negative. I don’t judge. My dad does. So as not to send him into cardiac arrest, I’ll stick to the lawyer/doctor types.

With that said, I’ve been given the dandy task of reviewing Crack the Bank Hold and Win slot for you, dear reader. It’s a look at what happens after a bank heist fails. Ready to get into it with me?

Will you break the bank or land up behind bars?

Normally you’d rob a bank and crack the vault. But cracking the vault doesn’t seem like enough for the guys at Booming Games… they’re being quite ambitious by wanting to crack the whole bank.

Why or how they intend to go about this is a mystery. But they have the word “Boom” in their name so we guess they’ve figured it out. I never doubt them anyway because they always have something cool up their sleeves – like lucrative Free Spins and Hold and Win rounds.

Let’s not forget about the €147,500 you could score all by playing cops and robbers. The cop does not look like Jake Peralta from Brooklyn 99, but the robber looks like a Vin Diesel/Charles Xavier/Dr Evil hybrid.

And of course, this slot is set in a bank. Laser beams, CCTV cameras, alarms and all. Although, the robber is already donning his orange jumpsuit and there are jail cells spinning around. So let’s adjust that and say, it’s set in a prison, inside a bank?


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Free Spins are on the side of the law

It’s clear that the no-nonsense cop has one thing on his agenda – an almighty take down! And while he is doing his detective digging, you can be awarded with 8 Free Spins complete with Locked Wilds.

Landing 3 Free Spins/Cop symbols will take you to the really fun and nail-biting bonus round where all jailed-up Wild Detective Badges will lock into position for the duration of all the free games – giving you the chance to rack up Wilds until you hit the big time.

There is no Buy Bonus option, and since this is a high volatility slot, both the cop and robber can be fickle. But hang in there, the bonus rounds will come… Eventually.


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The robber will get you to the Hold and Win

According to the robber’s mugshot, he is over 7-foot tall. Maybe he should have considered a career in cherry-picking instead. But I guess that job doesn’t pay as well as a cracked bank would.

Anyway, landing 3 Cop Hold and Win symbols will activate the main feature in Crack the Bank Hold and Win slot. The one we’re all after.

C’mon spinning coins, do your thing for that big win. If you’re familiar with Hold and Wins, or Coin Respins, then this is cake for you. But in case you aren’t, I’m here to help out.

You will get 3 Respins to use to try and land as many coins (which have money values in them) on the grid. For every coin you secure in a spin, the respins will reset to 3. This feature is simply gold!


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Will you flee with the bank’s fortune?

Crack the Bank Hold and Win slot is a modern take on the classic “Break the Bank” games we’ve seen before.

Is it better, though? I’ll let you be the judge of that. I think it’s pretty cool. And once the bonus rounds get going, the heat really turns up.

Whose side are you on in this 95.7% RTP game… The cops or the robbers? Play it at BitStarz to help you decide.