$89,601 Big Win: What it’s Like to Play Lucky Little Devil Slot!

A lucky devil just won $89,601 at BitStarz, and I’m here to tell you all about it.

They were playing Lucky Little Devil slot when they got this big win – but I’m not going to call them a lucky ‘little’ devil for the sake of being a sassy pants. They could very well be a champion Sumo wrestler weighing in at 645 pounds for all I know.

Luckily, I can confirm that they have pocketed a power payout from us and are no doubt set to carry on this brand-new year in style. And who knows, you could be the next player to make big money waves here, and hopefully soon.

If you play this – you’ll be playing with a pentagram

I just thought I’d be upfront about the theme of this Red Tiger Gaming slot, you know, in the big and bold heading you just read. With all devils comes some sort of satanic paraphernalia… Even if the “dangerous” devil is absolutely adorable.

Don’t be surprised when you see several pentagrams in this slot – I know I was. And this is only because this lucky little devil is cute enough to be a tattoo on a ballerina’s butt cheek. I really didn’t think we’d be going dark, especially not pentagram kinda dark. At least it paid off for our big winner.

Once you’re over the initial shock of it all, Lucky Little Devil slot is lots of fun, and has ample opportunities available to get you in the winning seat.


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You’ll be graced with little strokes of luck

Red Tiger really committed to the little devil theme and I am here for it. Even the features lend to the littleness and evilness of the flaming bubble devil who resides over this slot.

Let’s start off with the Fiendish Free Spins. You’ll need 3 Lucky Little Devils to trigger this for you as there is no Buy Bonus option. The devil will then determine how many free spins you’ll receive by throwing flames at your screen. He could throw a bunch of flames, so soak them all up because they’ll all contain a number for you.


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Next up is the Little Devil Coins, as they are called. They spin to reveal mystery symbols on the reels. It would be so awesome if you could hit all the paylines with reels covered in these occultish coins – please try to achieve it if you do decide to play this slot – the wins will be totally huge. Red Tiger says that these coins “do the devil’s work”.

In the free spins round the pentagram becomes a huge pentagram (yay), called the Mega Devil Coin – and you’ll want to see this come up because it could be packed with big win power and is probably the most exciting thing to happen to the bonus game.


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666 doesn’t have to be your winning number!

Now that we’ve got all things Lucky Little Devil slot out of the way, the only thing left is for you to try it out at BitStarz.

Congratulations to the player who swooped in and scooped up an excellent $89,601 big win here – all I can say is that there is more where that came from and I reckon the next big win has your name on it 🙂