Keen for a Dip in the Ocean? Get Wet and Wild With Our New Slots

Here’s a mind-bender for you. Four game providers somehow magically released aquatic-themed slots in the very same week. What’s the deal, yo? I guess they’re trying to tell us something.

Is it that there’s an underwater plastic surgeon giving mermaids boob jobs, or the fact that dolphins are rowdy ass creatures? Or perhaps seawater is some sort of psychedelic? Who knows.

I know – it’s the sign we’ve been waiting for… Summer is here! So let’s get wet and wild with these new slots and see what they’ve got bubbling below for us.

Mermaids are a Double D according to Big Atlantis Frenzy

I’ve seen this guy before… It’s Vadim Galygin, again! If you don’t know this eccentric archeologist, he’s a famous Belarusian comedian – and this is the second BGaming slot he stars in. The first was Dig Dig Digger and that was a total success.

Galygin hits the legendary underwater city in Big Atlantis Frenzy slot to swim for wins of up to €216,000, while landing a voluptuous mermaid in the process.

This slot has all the quirk I love, and besides its excellent Free Spins and Buy Bonus option, it also allows you to change the reel size, giving you more control over your game. The story is bizarre, and for that, this game has won me over!


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Shark’s Bay is the place for a good hard chill session

I’m not sure if Zillion is implying that blondes can’t swim or that octopuses are pro Tik Tokers, but I’m into it. Who wouldn’t be? You can win up to €137,480 in this cool and colorful sea slot.

Shark’s Bay slot looks totally chill, but there’s nothing chill about a tsunami – unless it bashes out bonuses, of course! Besides, the blonde hangs on a pool noodle, so she’s set.

In this bay, sharks smile, crabs wave, and everyone is so friendly it’s freaky. What’s also freaky is the fun you’ll have here because there are Wild Flow and Bubbles Up bonuses to burst. So, all in all, this is another excellent release, if I do say so myself.


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The dudes in Aquatic Treasures Coast to Coast are basically real

I can’t get the Glass Animals, Space Ghost Coast to Coast, outta my head now. Playing too much of that Dr. Dre, playing peekaboo with the devil these days.

Anyway, back to Aquatic Treasures Coast to Coast slot… Yeah, this one is interesting. It’s too ‘real’ for my liking. If I wanted to see actual sea creatures, I’d turn on Nat Geo Wild. Where’s the fun, Quickfire?

Maybe I’m being dramatic because you can win €240,000 here, so that’s fun. Thinking about the shady shit dolphins do is also fun. Free Spins and Expanding Wilds are fun too. So yeah, dramatic me being me again. If you like plain, simple, and to the point… This is your slot.


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The parrot in Treasure Pirates is a hardcore hipster

I spent quite a bit of money getting my beak shaved down, but the parrot in this Boomerang Studios slot embraces what his mama gave him – by piercing his, uhm, septum? Seeing pirates makes me miff about Johnny Depp being replaced by The Rock.

But I’ll deal with that in therapy. It’s time for me to make Treasure Pirates slot shine! And with Roaming Sea, Free Spins, Hold & Respin, Coin Prizes, and Side Strike features you’ll be saying “blimey” in no time.

The Side Strike is something I haven’t seen before so consider my interest piqued. This feature allows the chance to win on every spin. I think that’s a pretty good booty and so is a €120,000 win!


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Seas the day at BitStarz!

If you’re a vampire who is allergic to sunlight, then spend your summer spinning these awesome sea slots at BitStarz! You can do it indoors, in your coffin, or out and about blood-sucking, because they’re all mobile-friendly.

See, BitStarz thinks of everything!